Milan, December 11th. The agreement between ITA0039 by ASACERT – the Certification dedicated to Italian authenticity in the world for the food sector – and Euro-Toques Italia, the European union of chefs, was signed at Palazzo Visconti. Objective: to combat false Made in Italy
The agreement was signed by Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of ASACERT and creator of the Protocol ITA0039 and the multi-starred chef Enrico Derflingher, President of Euro-Toques International and Euro-Toques Italia and Ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the world.
This event represents the beginning of a collaboration between two realities that have much in common. ITA0039 with its Protocol – active all over the world and already supported by important partners such as Coldiretti, Campagna Amica, ANRA, IFSE and PROMOItalia – provides restaurateurs, producers and consumers with a useful tool to guarantee the quality, wholesomeness and authenticity of the Italian food and wine supply chain abroad, creating a real network of Made in Italy connoisseurs; Euro-Toques, with over 2. 500 chefs who recognize themselves in the Association’s code of honor, works for food quality and for the defense of producers in every European nation.

“This agreement is another step forward on the path to protect the true Made in Italy and healthy Italian food production. Euro-Toques is an Association that, like us, shares the values of the centuries-old gastronomic tradition of our country. Six out of ten food products in the world are the result of international agropiracy. A phenomenon that has grown by 70% in the last ten years, equal to three times the value of national food exports. ITA0039 is the first certification-symbol issued by a professional and accredited certification body and it does so with an eye to the opportunities offered by technology, thanks also to our App, with which you can consult the list of certified restaurants, but also ascertain the origin of products found on supermarket shelves. Tonight we add an important step in the work of promotion of Italian food excellence abroad”, commented Fabrizio Capaccioli.

The Italian food heritage is one of the most famous and appreciated and, for this reason, also one of the most plagiarized. As a consequence of this growing popularity, over the years a parallel economy has formed, that of Italian Sounding. That is, the use of geographical denominations, images and brands that evoke Italy to market products that cannot be traced back to our country. An unfair competition that causes heavy damage to Italian companies and that ITA0039 and Euro-Toques Italia do not intend to tolerate anymore.

“It is a great pleasure for me to enter into this agreement with ITA0039 by ASACERT. We have always fought and we fight with Euro-Toques for the defense of Made in Italy in the world. It is one of our great strengths. I, in particular, who have spent over twenty-five years abroad, have always used, wanted and imposed only and exclusively Italian products. We are proud of this agreement and we are sure that together we will be able to do great things: advance our Made in Italy and, finally, knock down that 100 billion wall caused by Italian Sounding, which brings us to our knees and makes our small producers and our great products suffer. I am proud and happy of this agreement“, said Enrico Derflingher.

Next, the kitchen. The agreement was sealed with the tasting of the famous risotto dedicated to Queen Victoria, with which Derflingher has conquered the palate of royalty and heads of state from all over the world. From Queen Elizabeth, to the former President of the United States Ronald Reagan, from George H. W. Bush to Gorbachev.