Since January 2020 the actors of the agreement, which represent two important realities, each in its own area of ​​expertise, have been united in the common goal of spreading and protecting the values ​​of the Italian culinary tradition abroad.

IFSE – Italian Food Style Education – is a non-profit association and an Italian cooking and pastry school for Italians and foreigners, based in the Turin Piobesi Castle. The Institute deals with the organization of courses useful for embarking on a career in the world of catering and pastry. Over the years, IFSE has trained and continues to train hundreds of foreign chefs, transmitting the concept of Italianness to them and thus constituting a real popular hub for Italian food and wine culture, in Italy and in the world.

Through training courses, conferences, congresses, editorial products, in collaboration with other public and private bodies, they promote the Italian culture of food and catering, in favour of safeguarding the real Made in Italy products, and accentuating their health benefits, through collaboration with expert nutrition doctors and qualified internationally renowned agronomists.

“The partnership with IFSE represents a significant upgrade of a tool that is becoming more and more unique in the world. The process that led to the genesis of ITA0039 started from a vision, which also materialized thanks to the common views of our partners, who embraced the intentions of our actions and the implementation methods chosen to pursue them” says Fabrizio Capaccioli, Managing Director of ASACERT. And concludes: “We are proud that a prestigious reality like IFSE has chosen to share with ASACERT part of its journey in defence of true Italian culture on the tables all over the world.”

ASACERT has over twenty years of activity, with offices in Milan, Rome, Bari and corporate offices located all over the world. It stands out in the world of certifications for its strong technical expertise in various sectors: from the environment to information technology, from workplace safety to food. And it is this latter sector which inspired the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification project, a unique and reliable tool for the certification, protection and defence of true Italian food and wine culture in the world. The protocol aims to protect the entire Italian agro-food chain, from production to the culinary transformation of the raw material, guaranteeing and certifying true Italian restaurateurs abroad. The certification, developed by ASACERT, promotes Italian food excellence, through the fight against food counterfeiting and the contrast of phenomena attributable to Italian Sounding.

The project shared by ASACERT and IFSE involves a series of initiatives, including the promotion of the value and uniqueness of Italian agro-food products in the field of Italian restauration abroad, also by raising awareness of the risk of counterfeiting. Furthermore, training programs dedicated to the various professional figures in the food sector, which include the enhancement of the Italian food and wine heritage and the promotion of the Italian supply chain, through the ITA0039 protocol.

This partnership represents a moment of growth and diffusion of the awareness that the synergy between reliable and qualified operators is a winning strategy for the spread of the priceless Italian agro-food heritage.