“It is an honor to be able to reward those who preserve and strengthen the culture of Made in Italy in the catering sector in England – says Fabrizio Capaccioli, creator of the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification protocol, and CEO of ASACERT – The Italian tradition, does not just talk about food: behind every dish and product there is the work of companies, families and workers who are committed to bringing authenticity to tables all over the world. At the Italian Awards – concludes Capaccioli – we will award the restaurant that has distinguished itself with respect to these criteria, paying homage to it with the certification process that will allow it to join the network and the app, with countless advantages”.

The event

On July 3rd, starting at 6pm, an ASACERT delegation will attend the grand Gala at the Hilton Deansgate in Manchester.

While waiting to discover the winner of the prestigious award, with other categories awarded during the evening, all participants in the event will get the opportunity to win a special prize, made by EuroToques International, partner of ITA0039 and first Association to obtain the official recognition of the European Community, which includes 2500 chefs from 19 European countries. Enrico Derflingher, current president of Euro-Toques Italia and International, has decided to give his most popular recipe to the winners of the Instagram contest designed by ITA0039 specifically for the Italian Awards in Manchester.

How to get certified

All restaurateurs abroad can apply to be certified. The journey begins with the spontaneous request for information by the restaurateur. A qualified auditor goes to the restaurant and, by completing a checklist, collects the necessary evidence to verify compliance with the criteria established by the protocol: menu, wine list, staff, space intended for the promotion of Italian products, and last but not least, the eco-sustainability criteria for packaging. At the end of the process, the calculation of the score achieved is processed, with the attribution of the due certification rating. The certification is not issued, for example, if the presence of Italian Sounding products (Borgonzola or Fontiago, just to name a few) is detected during the inspection. Only after the process will be completed, the Restaurateurs can show the certificate and use the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification trademark.

ITA0039 network

The certification gives you the access to the ITA0039 APP, a technological solution designed by ASACERT for the protection of the real Made in Italy. The only network in which producers, restaurateurs and consumers are in direct connection with each other, under the banner of transparency and 100% Italian authenticity. Thanks to the Network and the ITA0039 app, the producer will be able to make their own productions, including niche products, available to restaurateurs, proud ambassadors of Made in Italy all over the world, and with them the value, quality and genuineness, belonging to the extraordinary Italian agri-food biodiversity. An unparalleled added value, compared to unfair Italian Sounding phenomenon. Precisely with respect to this phenomenon, ITA0039 is working on the first Observatory in the world on Italian Sounding, to always be a step forward on the path towards the defense, promotion and enhancement of true Italianness in the world for the entire agri-food and wine sector, also through the fundamental channel of Italian catering abroad.

Stay tuned to find out who will be the winner of the first ITA0039 Award!