The three days of the Coldiretti Village in Matera, ended. A positive balance, in terms of turnout, institutional feedback, issues addressed and proposed solutions.

1 December 2019. ASACERT, with its delegation of buyers, producers, restaurateurs and representatives, in various capacities, of the Italian food and wine supply chain, has given its concrete contribution to the cause of Made in Italy in the world.

A lot of discomfort in terms of contrasting the fake italian phenomenon, was brought to light by the operators of the restaurant sector, in the context of the meetings organized by Coldiretti. They ask for more protection for those who are moved by pride and love for true Italian food. Traditions, culture, genuineness and health protection are closely related topics. More than the Mediterranean diet, Italian food is the true representative of a better lifestyle, which begins at the table. In fact, Italy gives life to the most healthy, sustainable and “chemical-free” productions on the planet, boasting 50% less harmful emissions than other European agriculture. Biodiversity is another all-Italian record, thanks also to the use, in the vast majority of crops, of organic fertilizers.

These are the values ​​that distinguish Italian food production, which is clamouring to be protected and supported in the defense of the values ​​that made it great in the world.

ASACERT, with its certification protocol ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification, represents an innovative tool, as effective, scientifically designed and implemented by specialized technicians in the field of inspection and certification, to give support and tangible contribution to the fight against the gigantic imitative phenomenon of Italian Sounding. The erosion of the image of the Italian agri-food and wine and food heritage, subtracts wealth, employment and growth opportunities for those who, in the field, fight for the affirmation of true Italianness in the world.

“Three amazing days, that allowed us to make ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification even better known” says Fabrizio Capaccioli, ASACERT Managing Director “ The certification will support in a simple way, but effectively all those who fight against unfair competition, linked to low production costs and to the devaluation of Made in Italy”. The genuineness and the values ​​of the agri-culture have married in the Village Coldiretti of Matera, the awareness that the agri-food represents a strategic patrimony for Italy, also abroad. ITA0039, is ready to defend it.

ASACERT thanks all the people visiting us at the Italian Trade Agency stand, the companies who came to present their produces and all the buyers and restaurant owners, coming from all over the world, who accepted our invitation. The spreading of fake Italian produces can be stopped by buying Italian food and wine and bringing them on the tables abroad, so that the dedication of Italian producers is not forgotten.
We have tried oils, wines, pasta, cheeses, tomatoes and many other produces that have no comparison in the world and that necessarily must be found in the restaurants abroad. ASACERT, Coldiretti and Filiera Agricola Italiana are tracing a new route towards Italianness and it’s just the beginning. We know that we are on the right way, we could read it on the faces our guests while discovering the aging methods of Grana Padano and walking underground in the caves where the barrels of Aglianico wine rest. Lastly, thanks to the organising secretariat of Coldiretti for impeccably managing a numerous group of chefs and restaurant owners of different nationalities, offering a high level service in every aspect. A sunny Matera was the perfect frame for a picture of true Italianness.


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