The ITA0039 by Asacert certification is confirmed as Silver level, guaranteeing the 100% Made in Italy reliability of Valeria Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in Crete.


The fame of Italian cuisine internationally is also the result of the many restaurateurs who have become spokesmen for the gastronomic culture of the Belpaese, opening businesses all over the world.

Valeria and Michele, are the owners of “Valeria Pizza & Pasta,” the Italian restaurant is in Istron, near Agios Nikolaos, Crete. The opening of the restaurant/pizzeria coincided with the arrival of Covid-19, and it was not easy for the two young restaurateurs to start the business. Valeria recounts authentic Italian cuisine in its traditional expressions. “The strong passion for our roots drives us to propose a very simple and homemade cuisine, where the most famous and not-so-famous recipes of the Italian tradition are cooked with love and with respect for our excellent ingredients,” says Valeria. “Ingredients that, those of us who reside abroad well know, are not always easy to find and the range is definitely reduced, though sufficient to honor our recipes,” Valeria declares. “In our small and cozy place we offer pizzas, pastas, gnocchi, Lasagna and some salads; our pizza is thin and fragrant with long-matured dough, our pastas are simple and tasty, among the most successful dishes we certainly have: the pizza “Rustica”-concludes Valeria-which is a Margherita with cherry tomatoes, raw and arugula, and the Pappardelle with Bolognese ragout.”



Il locale è situato in una zona fortemente turistica e molti clienti apprezzano il fatto che esso sia un vero ristorante italiano, con proposte di vini e birre italiani. Ma soprattutto, si distingue per l’uso di ingredienti rigorosamente Made in Italy, come la mozzarella, il gorgonzola, il parmigiano reggiano, prosciutti cotti e crudi, il guanciale, un ragù con 6 ore di cottura. Ampia la scelta di piatti fuori menù come ravioli e mozzarella di bufala. Tuttavia, è Valeria, che servendo ai tavoli, spiega e consiglia gli abbinamenti di pasta con i vari sughi, o che vino o birra accompagna meglio il piatto scelto.

“ITA0039, which reaches faraway places, indicates the growing awareness of the need for Italian restaurateurs around the world to represent their cuisines as authentic. We are at their disposal to make this happen more and more, helping them to affirm, by certifying them, their activities and their commitment in the name of true Italian food and wine culture, against the rampant phenomenon of Italian Sounding, which every year robs our producers of more than 110 billion euros -the words of Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO Asacert and creator of the ITA0039 Certification Protocol. – In this battle, our app is a fundamental tool, technology, in fact, comes to the aid of the protection of Made in Italy, giving every consumer in the world the possibility to find out, while shopping, if the products they are buying are really of Italian origin,” concludes Capaccioli.