The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has officially enacted the bill banning the production, marketing and import of meat grown in our country. The legislative act, which has now been transmitted to the European Commission, received final approval after being voted on by the House two weeks ago.

The legislation, proposed by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and Forestry and successfully passed, extends to a ban on the production and placing on the market of food and feed consisting of, isolated from, or produced from cell or tissue cultures derived from vertebrate animals. It also imposes a ban on the name meat, for processed products containing plant proteins.

Minister Lollobrigida, extolled the importance of this initiative, stating that Italy thus becomes the first nation in the world to actively oppose the production of cultured meat. He stressed that this achievement was achieved thanks to the support of millions of citizens who signed a popular petition.

The initiative was joined by ITA0039, which, from the beginning, expressed concern about the unknowns for human health with respect to the intake of lab-grown meat, reiterating the importance of stopping food forcing in favor of authentic and natural products.

“President Mattarella, once again, shows himself to be a person who truly cares about Italian citizens. We cannot imagine leaving room on our tables for foods that some people call ‘plastic’ and that are not 100 percent safe for the health of consumers.” The comment by Fabrizio Capaccioli CEO of Asacert and creator of the ITA0039 Certification Protocol.

La Commissione Europea ha confermato di aver ricevuto la notifica della legge, che procederà alla revisione, coinvolgendo gli Stati membri e le parti interessate, e durerà tre mesi, con la possibilità di estendere il periodo di standstill fino al 4 marzo 2024, prima di fare qualsiasi commento.

ITA0039 si è battuta fin dall’inizio per una legislazione che protegga la salute pubblica fino a quando non saranno prodotte prove chiare e inconfutabili della salubrità delle carni e degli altri alimenti prodotti artificialmente.