Dubai is the scenario that will see ITA0039 and Euro-Toques as protagonists in the first joint event for the defence and promotion of the Italian agri-food sector abroad, on Saturday February 26th.

An evening dedicated to “Italian food” and to the Italians who, with passion and determination, carry on the cause of Made in Italy abroad. It’s the case of Chef Alessandro Miceli of the Bella restaurant in Dubai, who will host and will be at the same time protagonist of the evening. An example of 100% Italian Taste beyond national borders. Refined products, which come directly from Italy, such as Modica chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, olives “Taggiasche”, Gragnano pasta, flours, coffee, vinegar, almonds: all ingredients that the guests will find in the dishes of a menu inspired by the true tricolour tradition.

This work of continuous research, import of authentic products and loyalty to the Italian culinary culture has led “Bella” and Miceli on the way to ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification. The audit carried out by the ASACERT inspectors was passed successfully, achieving the coveted Gold level certification that will be awarded during the event on February 26th.

After Piadèra, the all-Italian chain dedicated to the piadina (flatbread) in Dubai – already ITA0039 certified in the past months – the first restaurant is added to the ITA0039 network, contributing together with all the remarkable partners of the initiative, to the global fight against Italian Sounding.

The event will also represent the first joint operation with Euro-Toques Italia, the European union of chefs with which ITA0039 by ASACERT signed the agreement in December last year, during the event at Palazzo Visconti.

I am very pleased that this partnership with Euro-Toques Italia begins with concrete action in a place far from the Italian borders. We bring 100% Italian authenticity to a city that, thanks to EXPO 2020, is in the spotlight of the whole world this year, more than usual. A great opportunity that allows us to demonstrate once again that 100% Italian realities, such as those of “Bella”, exist and should be promoted because Italian cuisine, expression of the agri-food products of our territory, is the best cuisine in the world!” declares Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO ASACERT and inventor of the ITA0039 protocol.

It will be an important moment” said Enrico Derflingher, President of Euro-Toques, who will participate in the event preparing his famous Risotto Regina Vittoria “the ITA0039 certification of the Bella restaurant consecrates it as a reference point for Made in Italy food in Dubai. We are happy to be there, alongside ASACERT in this new adventure outside Europe!” concludes.

ITA0039 is at the forefront of the defence, promotion and enhancement of the Italian agri-food heritage all over the world. A network that grows and renews itself thanks to the increasingly active participation of restaurateurs, partners, producers and users of the app. All together for the authentic Made in Italy.