Come from taste Atlas – encyclopaedia of flavours – the recognition which has drawn up a ranking of the world’s best-loved cuisines divided by nation, and the winner is Italy, with a score of 4.72, followed on the lower steps of the podium by Greece with 4.68 and Spain and Japan tied with 4.59. United States, France and Peru close the top 10.

The product that most convinces Italian food lovers is pizza, followed by risotto, tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese, carbonara, ravioli, gnocchi and tiramisù.

Pizza also ranks first among the most famous products of Italian cuisine in the world, followed by espresso coffee and spaghetti.

The fame of Italian cuisine at an international level is also the result many italians who have become spokesmen for the our gastronomic culture by opening restaurants abroad. Made in Italy products therefore remain strong on the foreign market, as proof of their quality, uniqueness and safety.

In fact, while the results demonstrate the strength of Made in Italy in the world, they also come up against the reality of counterfeiting, which robs the Italian economy of over 120 billion euro a year. “The latest surveys show how Italian products remain among the most appreciated worldwide, even in difficult situations such as the one we are currently experiencing. – said Fabrizio Capaccioli, ASACERT CEO and creator of the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification protocol – At this time, more than ever, it is important to focus on the safety and certification of 100% Made in Italy products. “We cannot allow ourselves to be robbed of this foundation of our culture. This is a relentless action that we live as a mission to enhance our Italian heritage in the world. In order to do this,’ Capaccioli concludes, ‘a fundamental element is the certification of 100% Italian products and restaurants to effectively combat the phenomenon of Italian Sounding.