The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) through its Scientific Director, Marta Hugas, reiterates once again, that the experiences made with previous epidemic outbreaks attributable to coronaviruses, confirm that there has been no transmission through the consumption of food. Italian food is safe and any request for virus free certification is inadmissible and must be considered an unfair practice. The millions of Italian farmers and breeders, who work the fields every day and take care of their animals with love, guided by moral, ethical principles and meeting the most advanced green production criteria, know this well.

In the same direction, the statement by the Minister of Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Policies, Bellanova: “It is necessary for the EU Commission to call on all member countries to respect the rules of the single market, against the havoc that is being waged against our products. “.

While the battle in favor of Italian food is being fought with all available means, a dual approach is expected from the next Law Decree to face the difficult situation: support businesses through the guarantee of liquidity and protect workers, so that recovery is fostered as quickly as possible. Funds to meet the needs of businesses, exemption from social security and welfare contributions, support for farmhouses, protection measures for temporary workers, specific support for the dairy sector.

The Ministry of Health declares that normally respiratory diseases are not transmitted through food, which must in any case be handled respecting the usual good hygiene practices and avoiding contact between raw and cooked foods and keeping them separate during storage.

In addition to being faithful to the recommendations that are given to us by the Government, what we can do as citizens is to follow the indications of nutritionists and immunologists, who invite us to reflect on the need to strengthen our immune defenses. Many foods are able to significantly influence our personal defenses, making the body more or less susceptible to infections and viruses. The immune system represents the best bulwark against threats from the external environment. All the cells, tissues and organs of our body are made up of the same elements that we introduce every day with the diet, the activity of the immune system is deeply influenced by the way we feed ourselves. If our menu is varied and rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, we probably already take the correct amount of antioxidants and other substances with an immunomodulating action, that is, they support the immune system.

In short, having an efficient immune system is always important, but in this period of national health emergency it is even more important. Here are the useful substances to enhance our defense shield.

All those who buy and consume Italian agri-food products start with a significant advantage in the race against viral infections. It is worth mentioning that Italian fruits and vegetables, coming from the most controlled crops in Europe, offer the consumer an instrument of extraordinary effectiveness for our body. Italian fruits such as kiwis and oranges, for example, are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

All orange or red products (carrots, squash, beets), rich in beta-carotene useful to increase the number of cells that fight infections and contribute to the elimination of free radicals. All Italian agricultural products that represent a foundation of the Mediterranean diet. Another very precious ally for our health is honey, the flagship of Italian production, which provides substances with a high bactericidal action and acts as a natural antibiotic, helping to disinfect the upper respiratory tract.

An Italian heritage made of excellence in terms of taste, naturalness and health emerges.

“We are what we eat”, asserted the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach more than a century ago and, even without knowing the biochemical basis of this statement, he had fully hit the mark on all fronts.