2022 can be considered a real record year for the export of Italian agri-food. ISTAT data, in fact, indicate an increase of + 21% in the first six months of 2022, confirming a trend that would bring the value of this year exports to over 60 billion euros.

An even more interesting figure, if you think of the difficult context that we are facing, characterized by the increase in energy costs and by the difficulties in finding raw materials, as well as by logistical problems. Coldiretti, official partner of ITA0039, stated that “despite the months of war, italian food exports are increasing on the annual record of 52 billion recorded in 2021, also driven by the weak euro on non-EU markets”.

The strength of Made in Italy food

Among the most exported Made in Italy products, we find wine and fresh fruit and vegetables. Made in Italy products therefore remain strong on the foreign markets, proof of their quality, uniqueness and safety. An important signal, which makes us understand the urgency of a constant and concrete commitment to safeguarding the Italian food industry, also and above all against fake Italian and the phenomenon of Italian Sounding.

In fact, if on the one hand the recorded data demonstrate the strength of Made in Italy in the world, on the other they clash with the reality of counterfeiting, which steals about 120 billion euros a year from the Italian economy. “The latest surveys show how the Italian product remains worldwide among the most popular, even in difficult situations such as the one we are experiencing. – stated Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO ASACERT and creator of the ITA0039 protocol – At this moment, more than ever, it is important to focus everything on the safety and certification of 100% Made in Italy products. We cannot afford to waste this important wealth: our goal must be to make Made in Italy the symbol of safe and quality products and, to do so, it is essential to certify 100% Italian products and fight the phenomenon of fake Italian. ”

The importance of certification

It is only through the certification of the safety and quality of Italian production that the food sector can continue to grow.

Indeed, certifying products means demonstrating not only their origin, but also their safety and quality. ITA0039 is the first protocol that is committed to certifying true Italianness abroad, and it does so through its network of Italian producers and restaurateurs, in Italy and around the world, who demonstrate to be 100% Italian taste.

In addition, with the creation of the first Observatory on Fake Italian, ITA0039 wants to take concrete action against the counterfeiting of Italian agri-food products in the world.