What are the prospects for the restaurant sector after the Lockdown? It’s one of the most affected by the safety measures which, although necessary, represent a death sentence for many businesses. With the formula of the ghost kitchen, however, the light at the end of the tunnel could be glimpsed.

Many restaurants all over the world are now closed and the re-opening seems to be far. When the day will finally come, what will the methods of access be? This is not clear, but we can certainly imagine.

Large spaces will be redesigned in their internal geometries, arranging tables and seats in respect of the rules of distance between one table and the next. Maybe plexiglass panels will be put in between tables. There is also an ingenious Venetian winemaker who invented a body temperature meter, like an infopoint column, to be placed in front of the restaurants entrance. We position ourselves in front of it and we submit to the verification of our health. If the temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees centigrade, the gadget gives an alarm throughout the restaurant and closes the entrance doors, like during an imminent terrorist attack.

Beyond the more or less folkloristic finds, for small restaurateurs, family-run trattorias, the situation will presumably be more complex. Opening the restaurant to accommodate half of the seats, which were already limited, would be, many say, truly uneconomical.

The solution could then be, at least in an initial phase of uncomfortable limbo, to give space to the ghost kitchens. Restaurants in all respects, with chefs and all, but without seats. Dishes prepared with skills and passion, also very accurate in their presentation, but to be consumed at home. A new form of catering, already known outside Italy, the new trend that will perhaps save many businesses from the definitive and irreversible failure. The business of “ghost” cooking in Italy will be based on traditional Italian food and wine dishes, made with fresh high quality produces. A business that – already in 2019 – generated a turnover of 107 billion dollars worldwide, with an increase of 56% compared to the previous year and a growing curve, also before Coronavirus. A huge increase is expected due to the obligation to stay at home, but conceivable, without fear of denial, even in the finally imminent phase 2 of the emergency. The Restaurateurs certified by ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste, the certification that defends, promotes and enhances true “Italianness” on the tables of restaurants abroad, tell us that outisde the Italian borders, this mechanism has led to a significant increase in the quality of the dishes. The restaurateurs who have chosen this path, saving on supplies, dining room staff and utility costs, have made it possible to make quality products and cutting-edge machinery available to the chefs, working better and upgrading produces also in their variety.

Basically reinventing yourself in a ghost kitchen represents a new form of investment, an adaptation that if started due (or thanks?) to the anti-Covid19 provisions, can allow the entire Italian catering sector to direct part of the budget to the development of the kitchen and the choice of food, offering customers not only the convenience of being able to order food directly from home, but also of having a very high level meal.