Aid to health, families, businesses, workers. Interventions for the tourism sector and a focus on Made in Italy to save the country, protect it from speculation and restart it. An economic emergency maneuver, basically we are at war, against an enemy visible only under the electron microscope, yet capable of damaging at a planetary level. Economy needs intensive care.

Communication campaigns, integration of Made in Italy funds and funds for culture abroad, grants for SME internationalization.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will manage the “Integrated Promotion Fund”. In coordination with the Italian Agency for the Internationalization of Enterprises and for the Attraction of Investments (ICE), also involving the diplomatic network abroad, measures concerning the implementation of an extraordinary communication campaign, aimed at supporting the Italian exports, will be adopted, attracting investments, supporting the internationalization of companies, in the agri-food sector and in other sectors affected by the emergency; co-financing of promotion initiatives directed to foreign markets, carried out by other administrations, through the stipulation of special agreements; grants according to criteria and procedures established with one or more resolutions of the Facilitation Committee; a fund to be distributed for integrated promotion will be set up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in order to enhance the tools for promoting and supporting the internationalization of the various components of the country system, including the extraordinary support plan for Made in Italy made through the ICE.

Where danger abounds, grows what saves, Hölderlin said. It seems that in this moment of immense difficulty for our country, new paths are to be taken at high speed, to ensure that Italian excellence not only returns to make turnover, but gains ground on foreign products. Taking advantage fro being hit by Covid-19 before the other states, we will get out earlier, placing ourselves in a temporally favorable condition, compared to those who have yet to enter the eye of the storm.

ITA0039 is in front line for the spreading and safeguarding of real Made in Italy in Italian food sector abroad. With the support of Coldiretti, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, ANRA and IFSE, the prestigious Italian cooking school that shapes tomorrow’s excellence also in the international arena, ITA0039 represents one of the most serious tools for the defense of extraordinary Italian agri-food heritage.

“We will go back to being the great country of all time” says Fabrizio Capaccioli CEO of ASACERT – the company that created the ITA0039 certification protocol – “Our great resilient capacity, attention to quality, passion for tradition combined with the great ability of innovating, place us in a position of certain competitive advantage compared to other world realities. We will come out with the desire to demonstrate what Italians can do. The institutions must continue to support Made in Italy without hesitation. We will do our part, putting all the energy at our disposal to fight the phenomenon of fake Italian in the agri-food sector.” And he concludes: “Only with a synergical commitment Italy will make it.”