The agreement between the two entities aims to the implementation of a series of initiatives with focus on the uniqueness of the Italian heritage and agri-food products, including: promoting the value and exceptional nature of Italian products in the Italian catering sector abroad, raising the awareness of consumers and stakeholders about the risk of counterfeiting, defining complete training programs dedicated to the various professionals in the food sector, which include the enhancement and promotion of the food and wine heritage and the Italian supply chain, also through the Protocol of certification ITA0039.

ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification is a unique and reliable tool for the certification, protection and defence of true Italian food and wine culture around the world. A certification protocol that is part of a wider project that aims to protect, also through the use of technological means, such as the recent APP ITA0039, the entire Italian food chain, from production to the culinary processing of raw materials, guaranteeing and certifying the true Italian restaurateurs abroad, creating a virtuous connection between producers, restaurateurs and consumers. The certification, developed by ASACERT, favours the promotion of real Italian restaurants and the protection of Italian food excellence, through the fight against food counterfeiting and the contrast of phenomena related to Italian Sounding.

IFSE (Italian Food Style Education) is a cooking and pastry school that organises courses to help people embark on a career in the world of catering and haute patisserie. Over the years, IFSE has trained and continues to train hundreds of Italian and foreign chefs, passing on to them the concept of Italian style, as well as organising events and activities around the world to fight against counterfeiting and safeguard genuine Made in Italy products.

ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste and IFSE, the Italian cooking and pastry school for Italian and foreign chefs, have for the past year, been united in the common goal of spreading and protecting the values of traditional Italian cuisine abroad.

“It is an agreement that represents a moment of growth and spread of awareness that the synergy between reliable and qualified operators is a winning strategy for the dissemination of the priceless Italian agricultural and food heritage. – Fabrizio Capaccioli, Managing Director of ASACERT and creator of the ITA0039 Project, says – There will soon be important news that will strengthen our partnership and that will go in the common direction of the fight against Italian Sounding, through the promotion of the inestimable value of Italian culture and food, which has always been synonymous with health and well-being”.

IFSE has always been close to true Italian excellence in order to enhance the value of true Italian products, an imperative that is not neglected even during the training courses for students arriving from all over the world. The partnership with ITA0039 is for us a reason of pride and at the same time, a drive to continue along the path taken towards the protection and dissemination of true Italian culture at the table throughout the worldRaffaele Trovato, IFSE General Manager, said.