ITA0039 by Asacert is celebrating the eighth Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. The main theme of this year’s event is: “At the table with Italian cuisine: well-being with taste.”

Italy has a different connection with food than other countries; it is also the nation richest in biodiversity and a guarantee of well-being. ITA0039 -the first protocol in the world to be created by a certification body to safeguard the true Made in Italy in Italian catering abroad- has always protected the values of well-being and taste, as ingredients of Italian cuisine, for the health of people and with an eye to the protection of the Planet. All elements that are, since the beginning, in the development of the ITA0039 Project and the free App, through which every consumer can check if there are Italian or tarred products in his shopping cart. The certification protocol, conceived in 2019 by Asacert – which has been joined by important partners such as Coldiretti and Euro-Toques – is present in more and more restaurants, from the United States to Australia, from China to the United Arab Emirates, from Crete to Malta, from Great Britain to Germany.

And it is thanks to this tour of the world of certified catering that it was possible to make a ranking of the top three positions of the most popular and appreciated Italian dishes in 5 countries on 5 continents:


Europe: Greece
1. Pizza
2. Pasta all’amatriciana
3. Lasagna

America: United States
1. Tagliatelle with meat sauce
2. Pasta with pesto sauce
3. Mozzarella cheese

Africa: South Africa
1. Spaghetti carbonara
2. Meatballs with sauce
3. Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Asia: Singapore
1. Tiramisù
2. Tortellini
3. Arancine

Oceania: Australia
1. Fiorentina steak
2. Sicilian cannoli
3. Gnocchi

Watch the video here