The Minister for Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli, opened the Open Forum on Sustainability held yesterday in Florence.

At the centre of the debate, Italy received the applause of the representatives of various countries and international organisations. The appreciations were also joined by ITA0039, whose certification protocol has been successful and attracted the interest of many institutional stakeholders. The delegation of ITA0039 has promoted Made in Italy in the world of food and wine abroad. In particular, the meeting with Commissioner Wojciechowski and the entire European delegation of the Agriculture Commission brought to the attention the issues dear to all those who care about the protection of the real Made in Italy in Europe and in the world, finding great openness from the Commissioner, who declared himself ready to take joint actions. The Commissioner praised the characteristics of the Italian agricultural system, which has held on very well in a difficult period such as the pandemic. Italy is the first in the Farm to Fork policy: CO2 emissions, fertilisers, and manure use are among the lowest. The agricultural sector, says Wojciechowski, is thriving because it is based on unique values and structures in the world: small and medium-sized enterprises, often family-run, which carry out activities recognised across the globe.

Also, Ettore Prandini, President of Coldiretti, praised the extraordinary effort of the sector, spreading the record data of 2021: the growth of exports by 13%, with a future target of 50 billion.

One of the topics discussed was the agriculture of the future: from the use of intelligent robots to apps that allow monitoring work in the fields. In short, agriculture aspires – and is already doing so – to become digital to facilitate the work of farmers, make production more sustainable and above all reduce the environmental impact, also ensuring the welfare of all animals. This is hopeful news, especially for third world countries. In fact, as Qu Dongyu, director-general of FAO, pointed out, 80% of the population lives off agriculture. These are solutions that could help those who need them most.

ITA0039 will continue to be at the side of Italian farmers, breeders and producers, custodians of our land and fundamental link for that environmental sustainability that we all want and want to achieve. More true Made in Italy certified in Europe and in the world!