ITA0039 by Asacert certification confirms Platinum level, for Trattoria Zero Sei and Sotto Pinsa Romana Restaurants in Malta.

Trattoria Zero Sei, located in the heart of Valletta’s historic center, is not just a restaurant; it is an authentic slice of Rome in the Herat of Malta. Fausto Soldini, far more than a successful entrepreneur, embodies the very essence of cuisine as an art form and vehicle of essential values. He is a true ambassador of Roman cuisine in the Mediterranean, accompanying carbonara with maniacal rigor, amatriciana with the smile that only genuine flavors can give and pinsa with a deep passion for detail.

“Rome is culture, history and art, but it is also food, love and passion, a passion that its inhabitants pour into every aspect of life. -States the owner, Fausto Soldini, who continues- In Rome, tradition is an integral part of daily life, especially in food. That is why it is at the heart of our pizzeria. Every day we strive to incorporate the Roman heritage into every dish we prepare, with the goal of passing it on to our guests. We have turned our tradition and roots into a business. We work in our kitchen with the intention of offering you a little piece of ourselves, in the hope that it will turn into an unforgettable memory of flavors.” Concludes the restaurateur.

The ITA0039 protocol is not just a certification; it is a symbol of excellence that unequivocally distinguishes the real from the imitation and plays a crucial role in the protection and promotion of Italian agri-food products, countering the phenomenon of Italian Sounding.

The certification recognizes the fundamental value of food as Italian cultural heritage, representing a deep connection to local history, traditions and economies. It is based on intentional simplicity, process transparency and carefully selected criteria through a technical approach of the certifying body.

The confirmation of the Platinum level of the Zero Sei and Sotto Pinsa Romana restaurants in Malta not only underscores the unrelenting commitment of Italian restaurateurs abroad to guarantee authenticity and culinary quality, but also embodies the triumph of the passion and dedication of Fausto Soldini, a passionate and infectious craftsman of Italian culinary art, who we are sure will be able to look beyond the island of Malta.