Fabio Moya and Vincent Deville run “La Vecchia Roma Restaurant,” an authentic Italian cuisine venue located in the bustling city of Dénia on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The restaurant recently obtained ITA0039 certification from Asacert, achieving the highest rating: Platinum.


The two restaurateurs behind the success of “La Vecchia Roma,” share with us their passion for Italian gastronomy and commitment to offering authenticity to their customers.

We ask them to share their story, what working abroad entails and how Italian cuisine is perceived.

1. Describe the origins and a dish that is particularly popular with your restaurant’s customers.
Our city of origin is Rome and we carry its rich culinary tradition passed down from the Chef’s grandmother. Our restaurant stands out for Roman specialties, in fact, with pasta carbonara at the top of our customers’ preferences. We use authentic ingredients such as Roman pecorino cheese and guanciale, combined with fresh pasta made with high-quality Italian flour. In addition, our homemade ravioli has become a real attraction for our guests.



2. What do you think is the secret to the worldwide success of Italian cuisine?
We believe the secret lies in the quality and authenticity of the Italian ingredients we use. In addition, the DOP mark plays a key role in guaranteeing the origin and quality of our products. Our pizza, with a thin crust and prepared according to Italian traditions, is another reason why customers love our cuisine.

3. Is there any advice you would give to tourists choosing an Italian restaurant abroad?
We recommend that tourists carefully inquire about Italian restaurants in the places they visit, making sure they offer authenticity and high-quality Italian ingredients. In our establishments, we guarantee a genuine dining experience and a warm welcome.

4. Describe three reasons why a customer should enter your restaurant.
We offer our customers:

– Authenticity: Our cuisine faithfully reflects Roman gastronomic traditions.
– Quality: We use only the finest, carefully selected Italian ingredients.
– Passion: Our daily production of fresh pasta visible to customers testifies to our commitment and dedication.

5. What prompted you to apply for ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification?
We wanted to communicate to our customers our commitment to offering authentic, high-quality Italian cuisine. ITA0039 certification provided us with official recognition of our commitment to ensuring the authenticity of our dishes and the use of certified Italian ingredients.