ASACERT and ITA0039 back on the stage of the Italian Awards in Manchester to reward the best 100% Italian Taste restaurant in England.

The event of the Italian Awards 2022

To take part in the event, over 500 restaurateurs and professionals who, for years, with passion and dedication, have been committed to bringing the tradition and quality of true Italian products to the top. Among the awards given, such as “Best Trattoria”, “Best Family Restaurant” and “Best Pasta Chef”, also the “ITA0039 AWARD“, presented for the first time on the stage of the Italian Awards by ASACERT, an accredited international inspection body, evaluation and certification. The award is inspired by the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification by ASACERT, the first protocol for the defense and protection of true 100% Italian restaurants in the world.

The fight against fake Italian

There are still too many products, in England and in the world, that are passed off as Italians and that have given rise to the phenomenon of Italian sounding, weighing on the italian economy. It is estimated that, due to Italian sounding, more than two out of three Italian food products in the world are fake. The commitment of ASACERT, through the protocol and the ITA0039 APP, is to make every citizen a sentinel of the true Made in Italy in the world, through the scanning of products in supermarkets, which allows to recognize the actual authenticity of Italian products. And with the creation of the first Observatory on Italian Sounding in the world, ASACERT wants to bring to light the impact of this phenomenon, while enhancing those who invest and support the Italian product.

“Following Brexit, our business has become even more necessary and fundamental. To better understand the seriousness of the situation, just look at the data recorded by our audits and at the reports of consumers through our App”, explains Fabrizio Capaccioli, creator of the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification and CEO of ASACERT. “Following the audits carried out by ITA0039 technicians in Italian restaurants around the world, it emerged that out of 107 restaurants inspected, 40 did not receive the certificate of conformity. Half of these are from the UK. And consumer reports of fake Italian products sold abroad are also increasing. The main counterfeit product appears to be Mozzarella, with distortions of the name as “Zottarella”, followed by Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Mortadella and various varieties of sauces. ”

ASACERT’s commitment is more necessary than ever in England, which following Brexit has seen Italian workers in the food sector face countless difficulties in procuring products from Italy, which have once again encouraged the counterfeiting market: in the United Kingdom the fake Italian product has a cost of 80% lower than the authentic Made in Italy product, with the result of a dizzying drop in imports (-28% pasta, 16% extra virgin olive oil, -13% cheeses).


The award conferred by ASACERT wanted to recognize and enhance the best 100% Italian taste restaurant, which offers its customers 100% Made in Italy products, directly selected by Italian producers, with a vast and unmistakable food and wine offer. The winner of ITA0039 AWARD is Buccelli’s, an authentic Italian restaurant in Lancaster, which stood out for its Menu, as well as for the sale of a long list of Italian products: from pasta, to wine, to meats and cheeses.

“Winning the ITA0039 award is perhaps one of the best awards that an Italian restaurateur can receive abroad, because it certifies our 100% Italian soul,” said Bruno Buccelli, owner of the restaurant. “For us, being recognized as a 100% Italian taste restaurant means a lot, because behind this recognition there are sacrifices, hard work and the desire to believe in something that is often not given the right value.”

The surprise signed by Euro-Toques International

During the evening, while waiting to discover the winner of the prestigious Award, all participants had the opportunity to win a special prize, made by EuroToques International, partner of ITA0039 and the first Association to obtain official recognition from the European Community. and which includes 2,500 chefs from 19 European countries. Enrico Derflingher, current president of Euro-Toques Italia and International, gave his most popular recipe to the winners of the Instagram contest designed by ITA0039 specifically for the Italian Awards in Manchester.

“It was an honor to be able to reward those who preserve and strengthen the culture of Made in Italy in the catering sector in England – said Capaccioli – The Italian tradition does not speak only of food: behind every dish and product, there is the work of companies, families and workers who are committed to bringing authenticity to tables all over the world. At the Italian Awards we awarded the restaurant that stood out with respect to these criteria, paying homage to it with the certification process that will allow it to enter the network and the app, with countless advantages”.