On January 31st, the Consul of Italy in London Diego Solinas, the representative for Enit – Italian National Tourism Agency – Stefania Gatta; the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK Leonardo Simonelli Santi and its General Secretary Helen Girgenti, and Alessandro De Felice, President of ANRA – Risk Manager National Association – took part at the certification cerimony of San Carlo Group restaurants, the first brand in the UK to be certified in agreement with new “ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste” protocol.

A great moment, not only for the celebration aspect but also for the merging of the Institutions interested in the project, born to protect Italian agrifood system from raw materials production in Italy to their transformation and presentation in restaurants all around the world.

This original protocol has been developed by ASACERT, an indipendent third-party certification and inspection body, Italian born and present in UK and in other countries thanks to its worldwide network . The certification verifies the compliance of Italian restaurants to a check-list of specific requirements regarding raw materials, personnel, menu, wine list and other criteria that ensure a true Italian culinary experience abroad.

The partecipating Institutions reiterate their active support to the initiative, which after a process of developing and improvement is now ready to be recognised at European level and to forge new agreements with producer groups and associations interested in the promotion of the authentic Made in Italy.

ph. Stefano Sgarella e Veronica Gariboldi