Italy is among the leading countries for creativity and innovative solutions in foodtech, combining the strength of Made in Italy with technological creativity. It is in this context, straddling future and tradition, that the new ITA0039 App is available to restaurateurs, producers and consumers.

For 77.3% of Italians, science and new technologies are a resource for the safety, quality and positive impact on the health of food. ITA0039 has intercepted the new global demand for high quality and typicality in food, but also to interpret the attention to social and environmental sustainability, which only the best Made in Italy products can guarantee.

The theme of the sustainable economy is closely integrated with the growing attention to health prevention. In our country, attention to disease prevention through good nutrition is increasing. For 66.7% of Italians, in the future, people’s attention will become more and more focused on the impact of food on health and, the latest pandemic events, only serve to generate an increasingly widespread awareness of what we eat, the “label culture” and the direct impact on our immune system.

As many as 8 out of 10 Italians think, in fact, that there should be a certification that deals with the protection of Made in Italy in the field of restaurants and agri-food in general. Thanks to the new ITA0039 App, every consumer can become a lookout for the real Made in Italy, through an active reporting system, which will bring direct benefits with every report. You will be able to interact with our network, which is ready to link, in a single gesture, authentic and certified Italian restaurateurs, certified producers and, of course, consumers in search of healthy and inimitable Italian good eating. It’s another step on the path to safeguarding real Made in Italy.

Thanks to the app, the consumer-customer thus becomes an ITA0039 sentinel, concretely supporting the authentic Made in Italy in the world.

How to do it:

From the “HOME” of the App it will be possible, by accessing the “SCAN” function on the main menu, even just to scan the barcode of a product (or enter it manually), to confirm whether or not that product is really Made in Italy.

Or, to be even more useful and get benefits, discount coupons and many other advantages:

By accessing the “PROFILE” menu item, it will be very easy, after registering, to access the “REPORT FAKE PRODUCT” (SEGNALA PRODOTTO FAKE, above Logout).
You can frame the barcode of the product with the camera of your smartphone (or enter it manually), the barcode will appear on the screen automatically and you will be able to enter the brand and, if you want, a description of the product. Click on SEND (INVIA) and the process is complete.


The report will be sent directly to the ITA0039 technical committee, which will follow up with the activation of the necessary verification procedure on the suspected fake product.

An important tool for Italian consumers, the most food-friendly people in the world, and a guarantee for foreign connoisseurs, who will gradually have access to an increasingly dense archive of reports and technical reviews. At stake is the value, credibility and tradition of a clean and legitimate economy that protects the healthiness and authentic value of our country’s products.

ITA0039 always on the side of real Made in Italy, do your part!