Where was the Italian food sector at the end of 2020? About 578,000 jobs were lost, food and drink sales decreased by 48% and a loss in turnover of around 10 billion euros. Crisis for about 330,000 activities in bars, restaurants and canteens, for a sector that has about 70,000 food industries and more than 740,000 farms that employ over 3,600,000 people.

Everyone should work as best he can for an extreme help to a category that represents one of the pillars of the Italian essence. ITA0039, for its part, has followed up the needs of as many as 8 out of 10 Italians, according to which there should be a certification that deals with the protection of Made in Italy in the field of catering, especially in a period of crisis, when Italian restaurateurs as well as producers of true Italianness need support. The fake Made in Italy agri-food in the world has increased by 70% over the last ten years. More than two out of three Italian products sold in the world are fake Italian. “With ITA0039 we give the opportunity to many honest restaurateurs, ambassadors of the true Made in Italy, to make themselves known in a prestigious and international showcase, because they choose to offer their customers superior quality products, respecting sustainability, biodiversity , authenticity and wholesomeness of raw materials and who daily fight the hard battle against fake restaurateurs who, perhaps, only have the sign of Italian” says Fabrizio Capaccioli ASACERT CEO and creator of ITA0039.

The ITA0039 App, officially in the stores and available to everyone for free. A tool part of the extensive ITA0039 Project. Many foreign producers use names, geographical denominations, images, colors and brands that evoke Italy, leading the consumer to mistakenly associate the imitation with an authentic product. Protection of values, culture, history, tradition of our territory, to preserve its memory, social and convivial spirit, in an era of great technological dynamism.

ITA0039 manages to harmonize all these elements thanks to its App.

Catering must be able to remain among the pillars of our GDP and is, to date, one of the sectors that suffer the most. The orange areas are a serious blow to the restaurant industry, creating the conditions to lead dozens of companies in the sector to bankruptcy. Impossible any planning beyond half of the month for those who make hospitality and conviviality their business, their purpose of life, a sector that has paid and continues to pay a very high price, but above all that has already shown that it can work in total safety.