The food industry in the manufacturing context ranks first in terms of turnover and second in terms of the number of enterprises and employees, with a total value of 193 billion euros.

In the decade between 2013 and 2023, the turnover of “Made in Italy” food and beverage enterprises increased by 31.3%, with more than 60 thousand enterprises and nearly 464 thousand employees (+12%). (*)

Italian households’ total spending on food and beverages has reached 195 billion euros. In 2023, the export value of the Italian food industry touched 53.4 billion euros, registering an increase of 57.3 percent compared to 2013. 56.2 percent of exports were destined for the domestic market of the European Union.

In addition, our country has experienced growth in all four major agribusiness sectors: in dairy, the market share increased from 3.46% in 2013 to 4.75% in 2022, with an export value of $5.4 billion; in grain products, the export value in 2022 is $8.3 billion, corresponding to a market share of 8.34% (it was 7.95% in 2013); in canned and prepared fruits and vegetables, the 2022 export value is worth $5 billion, with a market share of 6.46 percent (6.38 percent in 2013), while in the beverage sector Italy has also climbed one position, moving from third to second place in the ranking, with a nominal export value in 2022 of $12.6 billion, corresponding to a market share of 8.5 percent.

So, Made in Italy agribusiness continues to travel in high gear, registering accelerated growth compared to other major European countries.
All this, despite the scourge of agropiracy and Italian sounding, a phenomenon that steals 120 billion euros a year from Made in Italy products and supply chains.

Starting in 2019, ITA0039 by Asacert and Coldiretti will collaborate to strengthen initiatives for the defense and enhancement of Italian agri-food excellence, produced strictly in Italy and according to the highest quality and safety standards, so that Made in Italy continues to be in the world synonymous with taste and wholesomeness.

*Federalimentare-Censis data