As the holiday season passed, Italians prepared to celebrate with joy and tradition, often gathering around tables laden with culinary delicacies. While the competition between regions for the best Christmas feast was heated, what stood out clearly was the Italians’ passion for searching online for typical Christmas dishes and desserts.


Italians seem to have a sweet predilection for certain Christmas desserts, as evidenced by online searches. Topping the list are Struffoli with an impressive 35,000 searches, followed by the famous Panettone with 30,100 searches. In third place are Seadas, the quintessential Sardinian dessert, with 22,600 searches. It should be noted that Pandoro, a typical Veronese dessert, stands at 20,100 searches, while in fifth place, tied, are Castagnaccio and Tronchetto di Natale with 19,000 searches, respectively.




Regarding the most searched Christmas dishes online, online curiosity toward Italian specialties is evident. Lasagna ranks first as the most searched Christmas dish, with over 36,000 searches. In second place is Panettone, confirming its popularity in this category as well, with 29,000 searches. Rabbit takes third place with 27,000 searches, followed in fourth place by Cassoeula, typical of Lombardy, searched 17,000 times. In fifth place, tied with 16,000 searches each, are Strudel and Sfogliatelle Abruzzesi, delicious flaky sweets.



In conclusion, while Italian regions may vie for the title for the best Christmas table, Italians’ passion for searching online for specific dishes and desserts highlights their love of culinary tradition during the holidays. Whether it’s struffoli or lasagna, the Italian Christmas table continues to delight and inspire curiosity around the world.