Enhancing the artisanal productions of the territories to increasingly boost the image of the food and wine excellence of our cuisine. A goal reiterated today at the Sophia Loren Restaturant in Milan during the event “Craftsmanship is tradition. Panettone: the revival of Lombardy’s agricultural and food excellence” promoted by the UniVerde Foundation, Rotary Club Passport Innovation District 2110, Euro-Toques and Cna – Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa. It was precisely the famous Lombard dessert that provided an opportunity to emphasize the importance of protecting Italian products, but also to give credit to those who continue to keep tradition alive despite attempts at plagiarism and adulteration.

For Asacert Managing Director and creator of the ITA0039 Protocol, Fabrizio Capaccioli, “events like this represent an important step toward safeguarding our culture and gastronomic roots, which make Italy the country most appreciated in the world for the quality and wholesomeness of the food we are able to produce.”

“Rewarding Italian excellence is a way to enhance goods artfully produced by artisans who seek out raw materials of great value, as is the case with the panettone awarded today, – he added – Affirming the primacy of Italian products, chefs and restaurateurs is our mission by countering the damaging phenomenon of Italian sounding, or the use of colors and denominations that resemble Italian ones, but have very little Italian about them.

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