In the heart of Amiens, northern France, the restaurant/pizzeria “La Mamma Mia” confirms the Platinum level of certification ITA0039 by Asacert, guaranteeing its authenticity and 100% Made in Italy brand quality.

The story of La Mamma Mia begins with Leopoldo Laise‘s desire to export the culinary traditions of his homeland. After years of work experience in different parts of the world, from the United Kingdom to Thailand, from Florida to Mexico, Leopoldo decided to settle in France with his family and realize his dream of opening an Italian restaurant. The choice of Amiens was dictated by the desire to offer a genuine, quality alternative to the predominant fast-food restaurant scene. Leopoldo hails from a small town in the province of Cosenza called Guardia Piemontese. His wife, co-owner of the restaurant, is of French nationality, but her maternal origins are from Sorrento.

La Mamma Mia’s cuisine is a tribute to Italian tradition, with a focus on quality ingredients. The menu, divided into antipasti, fresh pasta, pizza and desserts, offers an authentic and satisfying dining experience. Among the dishes most appreciated by customers are the fresh stuffed pasta, with ingredients selected directly from Italy each week.

For tourists who wish to savor true Italian cuisine abroad, Leopoldo recommends looking for restaurants with a restrained selection of dishes and, if possible, certified with ITA0039. This ensures a genuine and quality dining experience.

An important confirmation for Chef Laise, who says, “The worldwide success of Italian cuisine lies in the quality of the products and the care with which they are prepared. Attention to culinary traditions and good taste is what makes Italian cuisine unique and continues to win palates around the world. We are proud to have confirmed the highest level of ITA0039 certification,” concludes the chef.

The certification promoted by ASACERT, a certification, inspection and evaluation body with numerous accreditations in Italy and abroad and, supported by important partners such as Coldiretti, Euro-Toques, Promo Italia and I.S.F.E., was created with the aim of recognizing and rewarding those who are dedicated to the promotion of taste and the rich Italian food and wine tradition; moreover, it is a unique tool in the panorama of certifications. It is aimed at consumers and operators of real Italian food abroad, to protect themselves from counterfeits that, unfortunately, are constantly growing at the expense of Italian products.