Gold is the level of 100% Made in Italy certification and reliability achieved with the ITA0039 certification by Asacert, from the “Chez Antonio” restaurant-pizzeria in Albi, France.

An acknowledgment that arrives under the Christmas tree for chef Antonio Riccio, who declares: “The love for cooking, for our customers, for authentic flavors and the Italian tradition. All this has led us to achieve this extraordinary result, the Gold certification of ITA0039. We are proud of it!”.

Outside the Italian territory, there are over 90,000 officially registered businesses, including restaurants, pizzerias and pastry shops, which define themselves as “Italian”. The third restaurant to be certified in France is that of Chez Antonio. The first requests came from Great Britain, one of the nations in which the presence of our compatriots is more massive. Gradually, the need to protect against fake Italian has become increasingly present in true Italian catering abroad, so much so that in recent weeks activities in China, Germany, Australia, the Philippines have taken shelter from unfair competition, choosing to certify its honest commitment towards its customers, in favor of 100% Made in Italy products.

The certification was born ITA0039 |100% Italian Taste Certification is a unique tool in the panorama of certifications. It is aimed at consumers and operators of real Italian food abroad, to protect themselves from counterfeits which, unfortunately, are constantly growing at the expense of Italian products.

“A new certified restaurant, which I personally congratulate, represents a victory for all those who believe in the need to protect our national products, considering them an excellence. Says Fabrizio Capaccioli – CEO of ASACERT and creator of the certification protocol – Operators who carry out their activities abroad are strongly concerned about the growing difficulties they encounter, especially after the pandemic, when the difficulty in finding truly Italian products has amplified. Together with the certification, we have made a further tool available to restaurateurs and consumers from all over the world, which makes every citizen a sentinel of true Made in Italy abroad: the ITA0039 App, thanks to which the barcode can be scanned of the products on the shelves all over the world and, in real time, the app responds on the originality or otherwise of the declared Italian product -Concludes Capaccioli”.

Welcome aboard to “Chez Antonio” and all its staff!