After months of gestation and a particularly complex and expected birth, it was finally born. This is the last birth of the Conte government: the Export Agreement. A measure that channels extraordinary resources for about 1.4 billion euros, which will strengthen the tools for the internationalization of companies and will adopt a wide-ranging promotional action.

Exports account for almost a third of the value of GDP, but according to the latest predictable estimates, a 14% reduction is expected in 2020. In the post-Covid reactivity it will be possible to estimate the degree of competitiveness of Italian SMEs, for which the process of internationalization will determine its vital flow.

The Plan incorporates the applications presented by 147 trade associations and over 250 representatives of the production sectors and envisages a series of actions focused on 6 “gold standards”: communication, integrated training, information / training, e-commerce, fair system and finance.

Pact for Export signature ceremony -Official Video

A multilateral strategy oriented to the promotion of initiatives such as: relaunch and support of the trade fair system, channels that improve relations with large-scale retail trade abroad, development of organic plans for e-commerce, strategic communication plans, publication of the call for temporary-digital export manager, strengthening the national export strategy of the Italian production system, strengthening the fight against counterfeiting and Italian sounding.

It is precisely on the fight against fake Italian products that one of the most noteworthy games for the relaunch is played. The process of erosion of the image of the Italian agri-food and food and wine heritage is long-established, it subtracts wealth, employment and growth opportunities for those who, on the field, fight for the affirmation of true Italianness at the tables beyond our borders. Abroad, the demand for Italian products is huge and constantly growing. On the other hand, foreign admirers of local products are almost never able to recognize them, easy victims of those who know or do nothing in accordance with the food and wine traditions to which they say they belong.

Meanwhile, the “Country Effect” gives value to Made In Italy, which is affirmed in the world not only as a mere geographical denomination, but also as a real brand, so much so that research by the Politecnico di Milano has shown that if Made in Italy were a brand it would be the third best known brand in the world, after Coca Cola and Visa.

The certification “ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification” was born from the desire of ASACERT to make its contribution to defend, promote and enhance the “true” Italian spirit abroad in the field of catering and food and wine distribution. A project in line with what the Government has decided to implement: “ITA0039 is an integrated system in which restaurateurs and producers will be linked, in favor of transparency towards consumers, who will be able to consult not only the list of certified restaurants, but also the list of raw materials used and the original supplier. It will be a further incentive tool for the excellence of a virtuously reduced supply chain, in favor of good food and the protection of consumers-admirers of food and wine products from all over the world“. The thought of Fabrizio Capaccioli, creator of the certification protocol supported by Coldiretti, Filiera Agricola Italiana, IFSE (prestigious international cooking school) and ANRA.

The hope is that this new creature marked by this new boost, will be supported by careful monitoring and prevention of crimes and fraud in the Italian agri-food chain, which represents an unparalleled source of healthy products and a reference for the many, honest Italian agro-restaurateurs.