The certification ITA0039 by Asacert, confirmed the Platinum level certification and guarantees the 100% Made in Italy reliability of Zero Sei and Sotto Pinsa Romana Restaurants in Malta. The fame of Italian cuisine internationally is also the result of the many restaurateurs who have become spokespersons for the Italian gastronomic culture, opening businesses all over the world.

Zero Sei is an Italian diner in the heart of Valletta’s historic center, it is a slice of Rome in the heart of Malta. “Rome is the equivalent of culture, history, and art, but also food, love, and passion; the same passion that its inhabitants put into their everyday life. The same passion defines our business: from welcoming customers to involving them in a thousand-year-old culinary tradition” affirms the owner, Fausto Soldini. Italian culture and traditions are our strong points. “Roman culture is very strong and it is in every element, starting from food; that is why we added it to our restaurant. Every day we try to put the Roman heritage in our actions, in every pizza we cook, to transmit it on to our guests,” ends Soldini. “Roman culture it’s our roots, a daily journey to customer satisfaction. We work in our kitchen to offer a little piece of Rome aiming that it will turn into an unforgettable experience in Malta” concludes the restaurateur.

Restaurants Zero Sei and Sotto Pinsa Romana in Malta are great examples of Italian traditions, culture, history, and taste. This indicates the need for Italian restaurateurs abroad to enhance Italian cuisine around the World.

ITA0039 Staff is at their disposal, helping them to affirm and their commitment in the name of true Italian food and wine culture, by certifying them, their activities, against the phenomenon of ‘Italian Sounding, which every year grab our producers more than 110 billion euros” says Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of Asacert and creator of the ITA0039 Certification protocol. “In this battle, the APPLICATION ITA0039 is an essential tool protecting the Made in Italy, giving every consumer the opportunity to find out, if the products he/she is buying are really Italian” concludes Capaccioli.

Ristorante Zero Sei

Sotto Pinsa Romana


Certification level: PLATINUM