The term “food-tech” refers to the application of advanced technologies and data science in food production, storage, distribution, consumption and safety.

After lab-grown meat composed of cells taken by biopsy from a live animal, meat produced from lignin could arrive on tables.

A biotechnology initiative aimed at promoting the valorization of waste materials. Funded by the Ministry of University and Research under the Prin 2022 call for proposals, the project aims to transform lignin and wheat bran, abundant and low-cost byproducts in Italy, into amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins.

Lignin, a paper industry residue that is often burned, and wheat bran, a by-product of the food industry, represent underutilized resources. The process envisioned by the project includes depolymerization of these biomasses to break them down into simpler molecules, followed by their conversion into high-value amino acids.

This approach takes advantage of the ability of engineered bacterial cells to express the enzymatic activities required for amino acid synthesis.

ITA0039 by ASACERT, has from the outset expressed concern about the unknowns for human health with respect to the food-tech market and reiterates the importance of encouraging the preservation and consumption of authentic and natural products, preferring organic and non-laboratory-manipulated products.

Whatever the future direction of the food market, ITA0039 will continue to protect and publicize the excellence of Italy’s agricultural and food heritage around the world. A mission that aims to ensure that the traditions and authenticity of Italian products remain a benchmark, not only of taste, but also of quality and wholesomeness for consumers.

ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification by ASACERT, protects and promotes Italian products through the certification of Italian restaurants around the world and invites all citizen-consumers to be aware of their food choices and will ensure that innovation in the food-tech sector does not compromise the quality and authenticity of Italian products served in certified restaurants.