Enzo Fiore, is the owner of  “O’ Curniciello“, a restaurant-pizzeria serving typical Mediterranean cuisine, in Lancing, West Sussex, UK. The restaurant achieved ITA0039 Certification by Asacert, with a Golden level, on 7 May 2021.

His father, Armando Fiore, was the first Chef of the historic ‘Sarago’ in Naples and the late Diego Armando Maradona’s favorite chef- the first Italian chef to be awarded the Golden Lion, thanks to his tireless efforts even beyond national borders.

Enzo knows Italy and tells us about authentic Italian cuisine in its traditional expressions: “The secret of Italian cuisine’s success are products in their authenticity and simplicity, added to the sublime culinary art of great names of Italian industry who brings Made in Italy everywhere” says the Chef.

We asked Enzo, what does it mean to work abroad, and how he believes Italian cuisine is perceived.


Enzo, Tell us your story: how the idea of the restaurant abroad was born?

O’Curniciello Restaurant and Pizzeria were born from a personal experience as an international chef in different countries: starting in Italy, then Corsica, France, Guadeloupe, again in Italy, till England now. From kitchen to restaurateur, the step is easy, so for personal growth, I chose to move with my family and bring the business to England. The aim was to transfer Italian taste and traditions to this international place.


What kind of cuisine is yours? Describe a dish that is most appreciated by your guests?

I propose Italian and traditional Campania plates. The most popular and appreciated plate is Linguine al Cartoccio, with octopus, prawns, squid, clams, and langoustines that end to be cooked in the oven for a few minutes.


Is there any advice you would give to tourists choosing an Italian restaurant abroad?

My advice is to choose a restaurant that uses quality products, ask where they come from, and make sure that they are indeed Italian.


Describe three reasons why customers choose your restaurant.

They choose O’Curniciello for our genuine products imported from Italy, for our 0-kilometer fish, and for the flavors of traditional Italian and Campania culinary traditions with an international touch.  Enzo’s story once again tells the mission of ITA0039, that through passion and satisfaction of “our” restaurateurs, wants to be the first certification against the Italian Sounding, to protect authentic Italian restaurants in the world.



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Info: www.ocurniciello.com