100% Made in Italy Platinum Level certified ITA0039 by Asacert, achieved by the restaurant-pizzeria “La Mamma Mia” in Amiens, France.

The restaurant obtained the maximum level, according to the certification audit that verified the parameters of the checklist that includes: raw materials, wine list, traditional Italian dishes, an Italian language menu, and staff. These elements are not the only reason for the success of ‘La Mamma Mia’. The restaurant indeed, is beloved by French and tourists, thanks to its ability to recount the uniqueness of the moments spent together at the table.

An important recognition for chef Leopoldo Laise, who says: “The secret of the worldwide success of Italian cuisine depends on the quality of products and the way we decide to use them. We are proud to have achieved the highest level of ITA0039 certification”.

The ITA0039 certification was created exactly to reward those, like ‘La Mamma Mia’ restaurant, who invest in Italian food and wine, often, unfair competition from those who say they are Italian, just using colors and names in unproper way. Indeed, six to ten ‘Italian products’ in the world are fake. Italian food heritage, it is universally recognized as excellence, but also the most imitated. This phenomenon is defined Italian Sounding and causes heavy damage to Italian companies, estimated at more than EUR 110 billion per year!

“Italian Sounding has grown by 70% in the last ten years, equal to three times the value of national food exports” says Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of Asacert and creator of the Certification Protocol ITA0039, who continues: “This is why restaurants like the one we are certifying today deserve double praise: for the great job they are doing, paying attention to Italian taste and products, and making their customers feel home, with the proverbial welcome that distinguishes Italian culture everywhere. I send my best wishes to the staff of ‘La Mamma Mia’ for the top rating achieved, inviting them to do even better” concludes Capaccioli.