ASACERT is back on the Italian Awards stage, this time in Scotland, to reward the best 100% Italian restaurant in the whole nation.

The best Italian restaurateurs in Scotland took part in the event, and work hard every day to bring the true Italian tradition to the table. A strong and clear message to reaffirm the importance of protecting and enhancing Italian cuisine in the world, increasingly subject to counterfeiting and Italian sounding phenomenon.


As happened during the Italian Awards in Manchester, also during the Scottish Italian Awards event ASACERT team tooks the stage to deliver the “ITA0039 AWARD” to the best 100% Italian taste restaurant, which offers its customers 100% Made in Italy products, selected directly from Italian producers, and allows its customers to immerse themselves completely in the Italian tradition.

The winner is “Da Vinci Italian Restaurant”, which offers an Italian and Tuscan menu, with fresh and local ingredients. Da Vinci restaurant was born in the autumn of 2017, when an Italian couple with a passion for cooking decided to move to Scotland to start a small family business. The award conferred by ITA0039 bears witness to the great commitment, quality and love for Italian cuisine of the restaurant, which thus ranks among the best in Scotland.


In addition to the ITA0039 AWARD, the Da Vinci restaurant obtained the entire certification process as a gift from ASACERT, to certify and promote its 100% Italian taste soul in the world and enter the network of ITA0039 certified restaurants.

The goal of ITA0039

ITA0039 by ASACERT was born and developed as the protocol to protect Italian cuisine in the world and as an active and concrete tool against food counterfeiting: there are still too many fake Italian food products that populate the shelves of supermarkets located outside the italian borders.

“Italian Sounding has a turnover estimated at more than 120 million euros a year – comments the creator of the ITA0039 protocol, the ASACERT Managing Director Fabrizio Capaccioli – and we cannot afford not to act. Our role is to counter this phenomenon, starting with the certification of all those restaurants which, with passion and professionalism, are the first promoters of true Italian tradition and true Italian flavour. The Italian Awards are a fundamental appointment, in which ASACERT chooses to participate with great pride, to promote the Italian excellence abroad and not forget the true Italian spirit.”

And precisely to counter the fake Italian, ITA0039 is working on the first Observatory on Italian Sounding, a concrete contribution against the counterfeiting of Italian food products in the world.