We interviewed Nicholas, manager of the English Pizzeria Stable Hearth, the first to have received the Platinum certification of ITA0039. His passion for Italy has led him to the victory of numerous awards, but the recognition he is most proud of is our certification.

“My name is Nicholas and I am the owner of Stable Hearth, a 110% Italian pizzeria in Darlington. I firmly believe in Italian production.

Our goal is to bring the best Italian dining experience to England. We have recently received the Platinum certification from ITA0039 and it ment so much for us, because it meant receiving real recognition of our work and our commitment. Italy is in everything we do: in the atmosphere of our restaurant, in our staff members, in the food and wine we offer and in our cooking and service methods.

We work very hard, and although we have often gone through difficult times, such as those of recent years due to Brexit and the pandemic, we continue to offer the best service possible and to work as a family. Our goal is always to provide the customer with the best 100% Italian experience. This is the reason why in our Menu it is possible to find only Made in Italy products, from wine to pizza, to beer and soon also to gin.

What moves us is the passion for authenticity and this is what allows us to move forward, despite all the difficulties that may arise. I think this is the secret of our success and of the awarding of the first ITA0039 Platinum certification in England.”