Today, on the World Sustainable Gastronomy Day, one of the most important issues related to food is touched on: the sustainability. The anniversary was established by the United Nations Assembly on December 21st 2016, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of food as a resource and as a cultural expression, and the risks of its waste.
A world in which agriculture, fishing and food preparation are implemented without wasting natural resources and without causing damage to the environment and our health it’is possible and achievable. However, a world in which all the resources of the planet are used in a conscious way, including food, is still far from being concrete. Sustainable food plays a key role in achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, and the World Sustainable Gastronomy Day is the right occasion to reflect on what has been done and on what still needs to be done.

Sustainable Gastronomy

Among the key points of Sustainable Gastronomy, and therefore of food sustainability, we certainly find the enhancement of local products, through the use of raw materials at km 0. The environmental impact of the use of raw materials from one’s own territory is, in fact , infinitely less than that deriving from the purchase of food from more distant territories, which implies long transport and periods of refrigerated storage. ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification values short supply chains, paying particular attention to the aspects of sustainability and safeguarding the healthiness of food, rewarding restaurateurs and producers who share the same “foodlosophy”.
Food sustainability also derives from the choice of products grown responsibly and without the use of substances harmful to the environment, following the normal seasonal rhythms and saving water resources.
Furthermore, the reduction of food waste is crucial, as the result of responsible daily choices of citizens and organizations. In this regard, there are many initiatives created by the producers, distributors and restaurateurs themselves against food waste, that have also made it possible to help the most needy and reduce the environmental impact resulting from waste disposal.

The use of certified products

The World Sustainable Gastronomy Day is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to turn the spotlight on certifications and controls related to the production, breeding and cultivation processes. The final advantage that can be gained most from the use of certified products is great for the environment and for consumers too, because it testifies to scrupulous attention to quality and sustainability and guarantees greater safety in the origin of the food.

ITA0039 is the only international protocol for the 100% Italian products and restaurants abroad, counteracting the phenomenon of fake Italian and of Italian sounding.
In this sense, ITA0039’s commitment is to bring to the tables of restaurants, and of citizens around the world, the certainty of being able to taste truly Italian products that are not harmful to health.
Sustainable nutrition, as well as the choice of safe and certified products, is at the basis of our health, and of the health of the environment. Celebrating the World Sustainable Gastronomy Day reminds us of the great power that each of us has, to make a real difference and build a sustainable future for the Planet and for the next generations.