The 6th edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World has started. The initiative was born in 2016 to promote the best of the Italian food and wine chains and gastronomic traditions abroad. In just a few years, it has managed to become one of the leading events and an effective tool for the promotion of Made in Italy.

From November 22nd to the 28th, the debate will focus on the theme for this year, “Tradition and Perspectives of Italian Cuisine: Awareness and Valorization of Food Sustainability”, in order to transform the quality and wholesomeness of Made in Italy into a spontaneous choice, therefore abandoning those products which recall the Italian spirit in their colours and images, but which actually have nothing to do with Italy. It is clear that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest and most sustainable model of nutrition and lifestyle, but above all, it is simple and varied.

Focusing on the theme of food sustainability becomes an opportunity to activate a process of awareness about the importance of what we bring to the table: not only in terms of quality and authenticity of produces but also in terms of respect for the territory and the work of those who have been carrying out family-run businesses and enterprises for years, and whose traditions and history are a cultural and gastronomic heritage that must be protected. 

On the occasion of this Week, ITA0039 also wanted to make its contribution with a campaign that compares the dishes object of (bad) imitation all over the world with those of the real Italian cuisine. From pineapple pizza to lasagna sandwiches, it is clear that when we talk about “Italian Food” at a global level, there are still too many variations, distortions and falsifications.

This confirms the work that ITA0039 has been carrying out for years: to guarantee the authenticity of Italian Food against the increasingly intrusive and invalidating phenomenon of Italian Sounding.

ITA0039 with its Protocol supports restaurant owners, producers and customers, who, thanks to the Certification, can count on the quality and 100% Italian origin of products, from the field to the table. The result is a network of entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and consumers, protected, aware and connected through the APP. Thanks to the mobile application, bringing Italian food to the table can become synonymous with buying authentic, healthy and genuine products. This also helps people to understand the tradition, the manufacturing process, the origins, the values and history that make Made in Italy a brand of priceless and timeless value.