An important public success for the live streaming digital event that took place yesterday, November 20th, more than 30,000 views for the web conference “#NoFakeFood. Stop agropiracy: defense of made in Italy and of the agri-food heritage from counterfeiting and Italian sounding”, promoted by Asacert Assessment & Certification, UniVerde Foundation and Coldiretti with the patronage of the Customs and Monopoly Agency and with the partnership of Parmigiano Reggiano and Campagna Amica.

It was the occasion to present a world preview of the ITA0039 App, the technological solution designed by ASACERT for the protection of the true Made in Italy. Almost 100 billion is the value of fake Made in Italy agri-food products in the world, with a record increase of 70% over the last decade. More than two out of three Italian products sold in the world are fake Italian. Many foreign producers use names, geographical denominations, images, colors and brands that evoke Italy, leading the consumer to mistakenly associate the imitation with an authentic product.

The App presented yesterday in the web conference, attracted enormous interest, as expected, from many media outlets, including Askanews, which hosted the CEO of ASACERT and Vice President of the Green Building Council Fabrizio Capaccioli and Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio President of the Univerde Foundation. “As ASACERT we are very proud to present, as a world preview, the new APP ITA0039, available from December 1st for iOS and Android users. Another tool that is part of the solution to problems related to fake Italian. Thanks to the App – says Capaccioli – every consumer can interact with our network, which is ready to link, in a single gesture, authentic and certified Italian restaurateurs, certified producers and, of course, consumers in search of healthy and inimitable Italian good food. We are working to make available to everyone, products of a short and certified supply chain, with obvious advantages in terms of healthiness, safety and cost. The consumer, around the shelves, will also be able to unmask fake products with an active reporting system, which will bring direct benefits for each warning. It is another step on the path of safeguarding the true made in Italy“. It is possible to discover truly Italian (and certified) restaurants abroad, consult the menu, the location on the map and book a table.

Abroad, the demand for Italian products is incredible and constantly growing, but foreign connoisseurs of Italian cuisine know only 5% of a much richer range and, even worse, they are not always able to distinguish a true Italian product from a fake Italian Sounding one. The phenomenon affects all products to varying degrees, from cured meats to canned food, from wine to cheeses but also extra virgin olive oil, sauces or pasta and affects all continents and, unlike what happens for other items such as fashion or technology, to fake Italian food is not poor countries, but above all emerging or richer ones.

The objectives of the entire ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification project are the protection of Made in Italy in the context of Italian catering abroad; the protection of the entire Italian food chain from production to the culinary transformation of the raw material; the promotion of Italian food excellence and their interconnection; the fight against counterfeiting of food and the phenomena attributable to Italian Sounding, through which brands, images and symbols of Made in Italy are erroneously conveyed, especially abroad; make available real Italian products of a short and certified supply chain for restaurateurs and customers looking for genuine and healthy food products of our country.

Starting next week, on the occasion of the fifth week of Italian cuisine around the world, a series of sneak peek will precede the public launch of APP ITA0039.