The certification “ITA 0039 | 100 % Italian Taste Certification” was born from the intention to contribute to the defence, promotion and enhancement of the true “italianity” abroad, in the food and beverage industry.

The Italian agri-food patrimony is unique in the world, but it is also the most counterfeit. In recent years, the international phenomenon called “Italian Sounding” has been taking shape: names, images, trademarks and geographical denomination that evoke Italy have been abused to market products that have nothing to do with our Country.

The same dynamics are repeated in the restaurant field, and more generally in the whole food and beverage industry. Many foreign food companies improperly use distinctive signs, Italian colours and icons deceiving consumers, and the number of restaurants claiming to be Italian, only because they wave the Italian flag, is constantly increasing. Most of them use ingredients, hire staff and prepare dishes that nothing have to do with Italy.

This is why ASACERT wants to promote an “italianity” mark, in order to give value to the Italian Taste against the Italian Sounding phenomenon. A symbol-certification of the true Made in Italy in the restaurant sector