The “Ravello” Restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, has achieved ITA0039 Certification by Asacert, with Platinum level.

“Getting Platinum recognition from ITA0039 is of utmost importance to me. It enhances the entire journey of my long culinary career, highlighting the sacrifices made in living away from my homeland. This prestigious recognition fills my heart with joy and is a tribute not only to my commitment, but also to the support of my family, professors, friends, colleagues, students and suppliers. It is a gratification that fully repays for all the sacrifices made in the past,” says Chef Schenardi.

The Ravello restaurant offers an authentic dining experience based on original recipes handed down from generation to generation by the family of the Ravello’s chef, who wanted to share, in the brief in the following interview, all his passion for Italian cuisine.

Tell us your story, Fabrizio: How did the idea for the restaurant come about?

I currently reside in Orlando, Florida, USA, but my origins are in Rivoli, province of Turin, Italy. In 2013, the Four Seasons asked me to open the Orlando hotel and work in all 6 concepts, including an Italian one. I immediately thought of offering authentic Italian cuisine, using products and recipes from all over Italy. We opened the Ravello in 2014 and since that day we have remained true to our concept: everything fresh homemade, using the best products available in the United States and Italy. RAVELLO has always been a synonym for Italian cuisine in Florida.

What kind of cooking do you do? Describe a dish that is particularly popular with customers at your restaurant

The cuisine is authentic Italian, I don’t like to regionalize too much. So it is an Italian cuisine, there is no North or South. A favorite dish is Veal and Spinach Ravioli with mushroom sauce and Parmesan cheese.


Is there any advice you would give to tourists who choose an Italian restaurant abroad?
Yes, you should always make sure there are not too many Italian dishes that have been adjusted for local taste.

Describe three reasons why customers choose your restaurant

Customers should come to Ravello Restaurant for:
1. Quality and originality of the products used; everything is homemade, including the limoncello and liqueurs;
2. The family atmosphere created by the waiters and cooks, who are very friendly and cheerful;
3. The ambience of the restaurant, which is very beautiful and simple at the same time.

Restaurant “Ravello” offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience where Italian authenticity and tradition are blended with Florida’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. With Platinum certification, the Ravello confirms itself as a benchmark for both local and international Italian cuisine lovers within the magical world of Disney.

“I congratulate Chef Schenardi and the entire Ravello staff. When you reach a Platinum certification level, it is clear that it is the fruit of the work of the whole team that is rewarded. The certification obtained by the Ravello Restaurant confirms, once again, the commitment of Italian restaurateurs abroad to offer authentic, high-quality Italian food,” says Fabrizio Capaccioli, CEO of ASACERT and creator of the ITA0039 certification protocol.