More strength to Italian producers thanks to the new ITA0039 app, the latest tool designed by ASACERT and part of the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification Project. A network that connects, with a single tool, Italian producers, certified restaurateurs and consumers from all over the world, making genuine and healthy products of a short and certified supply chain available to everyone.

Italy is among the leading countries for creativity and innovative solutions in foodtech, combining the strength of Made in Italy with technological creativity. It is in this context, between future and tradition, that the new ITA0039 app will be effective.

Giving the right value to people, territories and manufacturing processes. A fundamental tool in favour of the image and reputation of the countless honest producers who export the authenticity of true Italian produces. A clear and transparent tool available to companies that are part of the production chain.

All the links in the agri-food chain have a face, a history and skills. The ITA0039 Network makes it possible to initiate and consolidate new collaborations between the various players in the supply chain, in a mutual exchange of values ​​and experiences.

The possibility of drawing on ever new regional and territorial products stimulates creativity and, why not, the fusion of traditions belonging to territories that know of our mountains, of the scent of our seas, of the most hidden villages of our Italy. Thanks to the Network and the ITA0039 app, the producer will be able to make its own products, including niche products, available to restaurateurs, proud ambassadors of Made in Italy all over the world, and with them the value, quality and authenticity, belonging to the extraordinary Italian agri-food biodiversity. An unparalleled added value, compared to unfair Italian Sounding champions.

The ITA0039 app is another part of the large project conceived by ASACERT, a certification protocol active all over the world and supported by important partners such as Coldiretti, FAI and the support of ANRA, IFSE. A further step is taken on the path towards the defense, promotion and enhancement of true Italianness in the world for the entire agri-food and eno-gastronomic sector, through the fundamental channel of Italian catering abroad.