This year, Christmas and New Year celebrations will be very different from the usual. Sociality is almost eliminated, but thanks to quality, transparency even in the labels, traditional products and sustainability, Made in Italy confirms its presence abroad under the tree, albeit at an inevitable pace slower.

North America was confirmed as the main non-EU destination market for Italian agri-food also in the first half of 2020, representing a real growth in the American and Canadian markets. The role of organic, PDO and PGI products from the 100% Italian supply chain remains very present, according to the Food Observatory (based on the monitoring of a sample of about 160 national agri-food companies). For international buyers, labels bearing the indications “Bio” and “Gluten Free” are fundamental levers, as well as the “free-from” claim and vegetable ingredients. In the charcuterie category, the words “natural” and “animal welfare” are relevant.

Moving to the Far East, there is a 35% jump for purchases from China. A monthly progress of 2.7%, which is added to the much more significant + 1.4% in annual terms.

Growths that can rebalance the collaps happening elsewhere, such as in Russia, the Middle East and Japan. An improvement is visible everywhere: November data are significantly higher than the average of the previous ten months.

Meanwhile, an important sentence arrives against Italian Sounding: the EU Court of Justice prohibits the reproduction of the shape or aspect protected by a PDO. Italy is the country most affected by forgery: at the top of the ranking of the most fake products there are cheeses. It is a question of defending a system of the p Economy that recorded a production value of 16.9 billion euros and an export of 9.5 billion euros in 2019, with the contribution of over 180 thousand operators.

ITA0039 is doing its part thanks to the new APP available in the stores, free for all.

The app is the technological solution designed by ASACERT for the protection of the real Made in Italy in restaurants and pizzerias around the world. A tool part of the extensive ITA0039 Project. The fake Made in Italy agri-food sector has increased by 70% over the last ten years. More than two out of three Italian products sold in the world are fake Italian.

“In this moment characterized by conviviality, albeit this year limited, with our app we want to make a concrete contribution to the fight against false Italian and to promote the protection of Made in Italy food products and Italian companies. Every consumer can become a sentinel of the true Made in Italy, even during the holidays, while buying products for the dinner perhaps, through an active reporting system, which will bring direct benefits to each report. ” Fabrizio Capaccioli, MD ASACERT states “You can interact with our network, which is ready to link, in a single gesture, authentic and certified Italian restaurateurs, certified producers and, of course, consumers in search of healthy and inimitable Italian good food. We are working to make available to everyone, products of a short and certified supply chain, with obvious advantages in terms of health, safety and cost. It is another step on the path of safeguarding the true made in Italy “.

Happy Holidays Made In Italy from ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification!