Today marks the “First National Made in Italy Day,” dedicated to the enhancement, promotion, and protection of Made in Italy and coinciding with the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth.

“More information, more transparency make the real Made in Italy win. These are also the criteria behind the agreement we signed with ITA0039. – The comment of Ettore Prandini, President of Coldiretti – Let’s work together to certify what is offered to consumers through the network of Italian restaurateurs around the world, our true ambassadors in the world. Only together will we be able to defeat all those who steal value from our country, taking away a whole series of opportunities. But above all,” Prandini concludes, “there is the risk that tomorrow, the same consumers will no longer know how to recognize those products that have characterized us and created the mechanism for which Italy today is in the distinctive agri-food chain.”

“We are the first certification body that, together with Coldiretti, has launched the first specification to control and verify Italian excellence in the world starting with Italian restaurants around the world. – The words of Fabrizio Capaccioli AD ASACERT and creator of the certification protocol ITA0039– We want to create a list of virtuous people who have decided to invest in our country for the purpose of protecting that lost production, estimated at more than 100 billion euros, stolen from our country by Italian Sounding products. Asacert, with the ITA0039 certification, which is widespread and recognized at all latitudes, wants to pursue this protection initiative because on Made in Italy we need to work together.”

Introduced starting in the 1980s, today “Made in Italy” is estimated to be the third best-known brand in the world, after Coca Cola and Visa.

A day created to promote Italian creativity and excellence, recognizing their crucial role in the country’s economic-cultural development and, at the same time, as an element of quality in the world.

From the 4 “I’s” to the 3 “F’s”

“Identity, Innovation, Education, Internationalization”: it is the Italy of the 4 “I “s behind the philosophy of this Day, but also the market of the 3 “F “s, that of the most exported Italian products in the three sectors of excellence: Fashion, Food & Furniture, products defined as “beautiful and well-made consumer goods.”

In particular, the Made in Italy food-food sector, which ITA0039 by ASACERT deals with, set a new record in 2024, with 14 percent growth in January over the previous year, despite international tensions hampering trade transits. This was a food performance that bucked the trend of overall exports, which retreated 0.2 percent.

Among the main purchasing countries for Italian agri-food goods, significant growth is noted in the U.S. market (+31%), followed by Great Britain (+26%), Germany (+9%), and France (+3%). In other markets, increases of 52% are shown in China and 14% in Russia. This result confirms the historical record of 2023, exceeding 64 billion euros. (*)

Italian Sounding and the Protection of Made in Italy.

A sector, the food and wine sector, that is growing in tandem with the phenomenon of Italian Sounding, which has grown by 70 percent in the last 10 years. For this reason, too, Article 25 of the DDL, in line with the objectives of the National Made in Italy Day, also deals with the issue of certification of Italian restaurants operating abroad, by certification bodies only. The intervention is of crucial importance in the dual purpose of ensuring the authenticity of culinary offerings and countering the effects of Italian Sounding, precisely.

ITA0039 by ASACERT, joins this celebration by supporting with its contribution the implementation of the Made in Italy decree and certifying daily from 2019 the precious Italian food heritage, through the network of Italian restaurants abroad.

A commitment that extends into an action of information and awareness also to guide consumers around the world, thanks to the ITA0039 App, which recognizes true Italian products on all the world’s shelves. A constant work of dissemination and awareness so that every day is the “National Day of Made in Italy.”

* Coldiretti analysis of Istat data