The panorama of Italian and certified cuisine in the world is enriched with a new jewel: Restaurant “DA MÈ” in Elgg, Switzerland.

After a careful inspection audit, ITA0039 by ASACERT, decreed the Gold level for the restaurant, which fully joins the prestigious network of 100% Italian Taste certified restaurants.

Founded by Alessia Tierno and Thomas Wehrle, the restaurant “DA MÈ” carries on the mission of celebrating true Italian cuisine, bringing back culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation. Alessia, originally from the province of Salerno, and Thomas, a Swiss born in Wallisellen with solid culinary experience gained in 5-star hotels and gourmet restaurants, have combined their culinary roots to offer a unique dining experience.

“DA MÈ’s” approach to Italian cuisine is characterized by care in ingredient selection, artisanal preparation, and a genuine passion for culinary traditions. Iconic dishes such as fusilli al Ferretto with pork ribs in sauce and orecchiette with cima di rapa and sausage have earned a place in customers’ hearts as true restaurant classics.

Alessia and Thomas embody the spirit of Italian cuisine, where authenticity, taste, and time spent on preparation are considered fundamental elements. “The secret of Italian cuisine is the right ingredients, taste, smells and flavors, and the main thing is time,” says Alessia Tierno. “Our mission is to make our customers feel not just guests, but members of our family, making them relive memories and sensations related to traditional Italian cuisine.”

In addition to the culinary quality, the attentive and familiar service provided by Alessia’s sister and her mother contributes to a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes every visit to “DA MÈ” a warm and traditional experience.

ITA0039 by ASACERT certification gives the restaurant “DA MÈ” international recognition as an authentic point of reference for Italian cuisine in the world. In a context where Italian Sounding threatens the authenticity of Italian food products, the certification stands out to defend and promote true Italian cuisine, enhancing the passion, dedication and satisfaction of its restaurateurs.

Thus, the “DA MÈ” Restaurant in Elgg confirms itself not only as a place to enjoy authentic Italian delicacies, but also as an ambassador of the Italian culinary tradition in the international gastronomic scene.