Italy continues to be the world’s leading producer of pasta, as confirmed by recent data: with a production of 3.6 million tons out of a total of 17 million, Italy is confirmed as the top pasta-producing country, surpassing Turkey and the United States. 61% of Italian production is destined for foreign countries.

Exports confirm a positive trend: more than 2.2 million tons of pasta were exported, with a slight contraction of 3.7 percent in terms of volume compared to 2022. However, the value of exports increased by 3 percent from the previous year, reaching 3.8 billion euros. Of the 1.5 million tons of pasta exported, most of it goes to European Union countries, while about 780 thousand tons end up in third countries. (*)

Italians remain the largest consumers of pasta, averaging about 23 kilograms per capita per year, with a total of 1.3 million tons consumed. Abroad, too, pasta has become a common food: in twenty-five years, the number of countries where more than 1 kilogram per capita of pasta per year is consumed has almost doubled. Tunisia leads the ranking with 17 kilograms, followed by Venezuela (15 kilograms), Greece (12.2), Peru (9.9), Chile (9.6), the United States (8.8), Turkey (8.7), Iran (8.5), France (8.3) and Germany (7.9).

From 2019, ITA0039 by Asacert in partnership with Coldiretti, acts to strengthen initiatives for the defense and enhancement of Italian agricultural and food excellence, produced strictly in Italy and according to quality and safety standards, so that Made in Italy continues to be in the world synonymous with taste and wholesomeness.

* Data processed by Unione Italiana Food on the basis of Istat.