The ITA0039 app connects certified restaurateurs, Italian producers and consumers from all over the world in a single network, making genuine and healthy products of a short and certified supply chain available to everyone.

The ITA0039 app is another piece of the large project conceived by ASACERT, a certification protocol active all over the world and supported by important partners such as Coldiretti, FAI and the support of ANRA, IFSE. A further step is taken on the path towards the defense, promotion and enhancement of true Italianness in the world for the entire agri-food and eno-gastronomic sector, through the fundamental channel of Italian restaurant sector abroad.

At a time when Italian restaurateurs need support, as well as true Made in Italy producers, the ITA0039 app is part of the solution to problems related to false Italian. An opportunity for all honest restaurateurs, who want to make themselves known in a prestigious and international panorama, because they choose to offer their customers superior quality products, respecting sustainability, biodiversity, authenticity and wholesomeness of raw materials and who daily fight the hard battle against false restaurateurs who, perhaps, only have the sign of Italian.

The ITA0039 Network guarantees a direct connection with Italian producers, even the smallest ones, the true keepers of the traditions of our Country, making them immediately accessible to certified restaurateurs, thanks to a simple and immediate tool: the ITA0039 APP.

The application was created to make known the quality of real Italian restaurants to the admirers of our culinary art and, at the same time, to provide restaurants with direct sources of supply, without intermediaries, with an immediate economic and qualitative advantage for the restaurateur and for taste, healthiness and authenticity for the customer looking for a real Italian restaurant, wherever he is in the world.

The uniqueness of the tool is given by the reliability of the network to which it belongs. ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification is active all over the world, strong in its effectiveness, conferred by the professionalism and high expertise of ASACERT, a certification and inspection body with twenty years of experience, with offices in Milan, Rome, Bari, as well as corporate offices and a dense network of partners all over the world. ASACERT is an ACCREDIA, UKAS and EIAC accredited Certification and Inspection Body, notified to the European Community and authorized by the Ministries of Economic Development, Infrastructure and Transport and Productive Activities.