In our country, food is tradition, culture and identity. The Mediterranean diet has been recognized as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO since 2010 and for years has been considered, even overseas, as the best in the world. A simple, balanced diet that not only helps contain and prevent various diseases but is also sustainable. To the new insect-based foods we continue to prefer, defend and enhance our Made in Italy.

The marketing of insects for food purposes is made possible in Europe by the entry into force from January 1, 2018 of the EU regulation on “novel foods,” which allows whole insects to be recognized both as novel foods and as traditional products from third countries.

Indeed, it must be considered that most new products come from countries outside the EU, such as Vietnam, Thailand or China, which have been at the top of the charts for years in terms of the number of food alerts. The ITA 0039 Italian Taste Certification, which traces the originality of Italian products in restaurants around the world, expresses deep opposition to the introduction of insect flours in Europe and Italy, at a time when people are working with determination and effort to defend made-in-Italy cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. The protocol stems from the desire to make a contribution to defend, promote and enhance the “true” Italian spirit abroad, in the restaurant and food and wine distribution sector.

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Source: cittAgorà