Two months after the Coldiretti Village in Bologna where, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Coldiretti and ASACERT signed the innovative Protocol, ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification, ASACERT will attend the Coldiretti Village of Matera on November 29th, 30th and December 1st.

After the success of Milan, Bologna and Rome, the Coldiretti Village will stop in Matera. It is a great travelling event, linked to the activities of the agricultural world and to the development of territories in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Thanks to the new collaboration with Coldiretti and Filiera Agricola Italiana, as part of the project “Coldiretti International”, ASACERT will lead restaurateurs, chefs and buyers from all over the world, to discover genuine and authentic Italian food products, facilitating a direct link with producers and direct farmers.

The “Coldiretti International” initiative promoted by Coldiretti, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, is dedicated to selected buyers to favor the meeting between the offer and the demand for agro-food Made in Italy products at international level; three days of workshops, wine tastings, oil and real typical products, show cooking, company presentations, B2B introductions and visits to production sites.

Meetings that will shorten the supply chain of food and wine products, with evident positive returns both for the quality of the product put on the table by the restaurateurs, and for the advantageous economic implications in favor of the final consumers. Finally, the virtuous pruning of the supply chain steps will favor the direct relationship between producers and restaurateurs, who will thus have the certainty of knowing personally the places and the hands that have taken care of the products they will bring to the table.

The action against what seems Italian, but in reality it is not, is realized through the careful and passionate work of certification, in defense of the entire agri-food sector, in accordance with the protocol ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification, designed and developed by ASACERT.

The typicality of Italian products, whose agri-food tradition represents an indisputable icon of eating well and being healthy is, however, too often damaged by the phenomenon of Italian Sounding: worldwide, the annual turnover of what sounds Italian, but in fact it is not, stands at around 147 million euros a day.

ASACERT, together with Coldiretti, FAI and the support of ANRA (National Association of Risk Manager and Corporate Insurance Managers), the path towards the defense, promotion and enhancement of the true Italian spirit in the world. The enthusiasm and the growing number of operators who request to be certified 100% Italian Taste, are the incontrovertible sign that the traced way is the right one.

“The transparency of information, respect for the cycles of nature and the environment, for a sustainable economy, are values that are rediscovered by the tradition of the Italian rural and agricultural world and that are imposed, today, as a moral and ethical duty. A goal closer than ever, also thanks to adequate certification systems, in line with the growing demands of consumers, in favor of the image and reputation of the countless honest producers and the genuineness and authenticity of the final product “. Thus, Fabrizio Capaccioli – ASACERT Managing Director.

The ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification is active all over the world, thanks to its effectiveness, bestowed by the professionalism and the deep and consolidated competence of ASACERT which, for over twenty years, certifies small, medium and large companies all over the world, thanks to its dense network of partners, to its corporate offices and offices in Italy in Milan, Rome, Bari.