From good food, to society, from the spread of Italian food products in the world, to the protection of the virtuous agricultural model from which they come. These are the leitmotifs of the first day of the Coldiretti Village in Matera.

November, 29th 2019. ASACERT and its delegation, in partnership with Coldiretti International (a Coldiretti spin-off dedicated specifically to the internationalization of Italian food products), Filiera Agricola Italiana and ICE – Italian Trade Agency, actively promoted the meeting between the supply and demand for agri-food Made in Italy products at an international level. Stimulating in the foreign audience a widespread reflection on the risks and threats connected to the Italian Sounding and the urgent implementation of effective tools for the necessary protection of Made in Italy. This was discussed at the opening meeting with buyers, restaurateurs, importers/wholesalers, retailers, sector journalists, food bloggers from all over the world.

In the words of Fabrizio Capaccioli, Managing Director of ASACERT, all the commitment and passion for the ITA0039 I 100% Italian Taste Certification protocol: “The Protocol conceived and developed by ASACERT in agreement with Coldiretti and Filiera Agricola Italiana, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and by ANRA, started from a vision, which today represents a unique reality, verified by an accredited and solid certification body. A path structured in a technical and highly qualified manner with analytical and reliable criteria, for this guarantee of seriousness and credibility “. The opening speech, to which also Ettore Pandini, president of Coldiretti and host of the event took part, was attended by an attentive audience made up of operators from all over the world, eager for protection and to be heard as bearers of difficult experiences for the authentic Italian product in the world. The Italian Sounding continues to claim victims among honest producers, distributors and restaurateurs who, with tireless passion, become ambassadors of Italian enogastronomy all over the world. The news of the development of a virtual platform, communicated by Capaccioli,was received with great enthusiasm. It will be used both via web and app, and it’s very real because: “it will be a tool for the connection of restaurateurs and producers, in favour of transparency towards consumers, who will be able to consult not only the list of certified restaurants, but also the list of the raw materials used and the producer-supplier of origin. It will be an additional incentive for the excellence of a virtuously reduced supply chain, for good food and the protection of consumers-connoisseurs of food and wine products from around the world “.