The analysis conducted by Coldiretti and Filiera Italia -partner of ITA0039 by ASACERT for the Certification Protocol of Italian Restaurants in the World- revealed an 11% increase, for Made in Italy agri-food exports in the current year, an unprecedented result*.

Boom for products symbolic of the Mediterranean Diet such as wine, pasta and fresh fruit and vegetables, which rise to the podium of the best-selling Italian specialties abroad. Among the main countries: France, with a 19 percent jump ahead of Germany (+12 percent), Great Britain (+12 percent) and the United States (+3 percent). However, at the overall level, Germany remains the main food outlet market in the first four months with a value of 2.6 billion ahead of the United States with 2.1 billion, which surpasses France, which ranks third with 2 billion.

In the world, the champion of Italian exports is confirmed to be wine worth 7.9 billion euros in 2022, thanks to a 10 percent growth in foreign sales. In second place are pasta and other cereal derivatives with 7.8 billion euros, in third place are fresh fruits and vegetables with 5.7 billion euros in exports, followed by processed fruit and vegetables with 4.8 billion, cheeses at 4.4 billion euros, extra virgin olive oil at 1.8 billion, and cured meats (0.9 billion).

The “hunger” for Italian products is, therefore, increasingly present abroad, an appetite that is often compensated for through the production and sourcing of fake Italian products. In fact, the value of fake Made in Italy agri-food products in the world has risen to 120 billion euros. And if, as we have seen, the United States is registering a growth in imports of Italian agrifood products, thanks in part to the end of the Airbus-Boeing dispute, which had lasted more than 17 years (+ 25 percent additional duties on sales to the United States), on the other hand it ranks as the country where tricolor fake productions register the highest turnovers. We are talking about a value of more than 40 billion euros. In practice, only one in seven of the agri-food products that recall Italy and are sold in the United States actually come from the Belpaese.

This was discussed at the world’s most important trade show dedicated to specialty foods, the Summer Fancy Food 2023 in New York, where the first Made in Italy tarocco at the table exhibition was inaugurated, featuring the most grotesque imitations of national specialties uncovered in the U.S., which take away space and value from real tricolor products.

ITA0039 by ASACERT knows that food is an integral part of Italy’s cultural heritage. A deep connection with the history and traditions and economies of our territories.

The global impact of the Italian Sounding phenomenon is growing steadily, we talk about more than 70% in the last ten years. Through our free ITA0039 App, we get reports from the United States about “Casa Italia” mozzarella, “Buona Italia” salad, but also mortadella Milano, obvious fakes of the original Italian national products.

The effectiveness of the certification system, developed by ASACERT technicians, is the result of the deliberate simplicity, the transparency of the process and the criteria chosen to ensure that the certified restaurant can represent for its customers a true all-round Italian experience, from the products, to the menu, from the service to the enhancement of the territory. All Italian restaurants around the world can apply to be certified and make a difference in the Italian restaurant scene around the world, in order to use the ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification mark.

*ISTAT data base on foreign trade, first four months 2023.