The “Ravello” Restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, at the Walt Disney World Resort, has achieved the Platinum level of certification and reliability with ITA0039 certification by Asacert.

The Ravello restaurant offers authentic cuisine, many original recipes passed down from generation to generation by the family of the Ravello’s chef, Schenardi. Everything is made with authentic Italian ingredients, starting with the Italian flour used in the pasta and pizza dough.

The certification ceremony was held during the sixth edition of “Taste of Piedmont” dedicated to the promotion of Piedmont and its food and wine tradition. Chef Fabrizio Schenardi received the certificate from Raffaele Trovato, Founder and General Director of IFSE Culinary Institute, the Academy of Cuisine and Pastry, a partner in the ITA0039 |100% Italian Taste Certification Protocol.

Great satisfaction was expressed by Chef Schenardi: “Obtaining Platinum recognition from ITA0039 is of utmost importance to me as it enhances the entire journey of my long culinary career, while also highlighting the sacrifices made in living far from my homeland. This prestigious recognition fills my heart with joy and is a tribute not only to my commitment but also to the support of my family, professors, friends, colleagues, students and suppliers. It is a gratification that fully repays for all the sacrifices made in the past,” concludes the Chef.

“The certification recognized to the Ravello restaurant, confirms, once again, the attention of Italian restaurateurs abroad towards the quality and authenticity of the Italian food offered -states Fabrizio Capaccioli CEO of ASACERT and creator of the certification protocol ITA0039- ITA0039, which indicates how the awareness of the need by Italian restaurateurs in the world to represent their cuisines as authentic is growing. We will continue to certify those who have decided in the world to invest in our country- concludes Capaccioli- those who have decided to buy Italian agri-food products and those who want to continue to look at Italy as a driving force of universal culture, including through Italian restaurants in the world.”

Thus Raffele Trovato General Manager of I.S.F.E.: “I strongly wanted Restaurant Ravello to embark on the audit path for this important certification, which it has obtained with seriousness certified at the Platinum level, from a third party body such as ASACERT. I greatly admire the work of Chef Fabrizio Schenardi and the commitment he has put into his work for so many years to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the U.S. The Four Seasons chain supports him in this, allowing him to do a great job. It is certainly a well-deserved recognition: Fabrizio is a true ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world, he has always proven it and now ITA0039 has certified it.”