There are 4 million workers actively employed in the vast national food supply chain, which is a fundamental pillar of the Italian economy, worth an estimated 580 billion euros, equivalent to a quarter of GDP.*

Cooks, restaurateurs, farmers, artisans, shopkeepers, food safety technicians and sommeliers: the proposal to nominate Italian cuisine as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage takes on crucial importance.

Italian culinary excellence encompasses a vast panorama from production to tasting, involving as many as 740,000 farms, 70,000 food businesses, more than 330,000 restaurant operations and 230,000 retail outlets.

This extensive network spans the entire territory, ensuring a constant supply of quality products to both Italian and international consumers, spreading the authentic flavor of Italy to almost every corner of the world.

Yet, we are also witnessing an endless series of culinary imitations and forgeries. The global impact of the Italian Sounding phenomenon is growing steadily; we are talking about a growth of more than 70 percent in the last ten years.

The latest debacle in order of time is “Carbonara” prepared with synthetic chicken, served in a Singapore restaurant.

Distortions of recipes and the products used to make them seem to belong to a world of culinary “fantasy horror,” where all sorts of aberrations seem to be allowed. Tiramisù without mascarpone, the use of seed oil for Milanese cutlet, Caprese salad served with industrial cheese instead of traditional buffalo mozzarella. And it doesn’t end there: even pizza is subject to unimaginable versions, going from pineapple to chicken.

ITA0039 by ASACERT, recognizes the fundamental value of food in Italy’s cultural heritage, representing a deep connection with history, traditions and local economies. The ITA0039 by ASACERT certification system, is based on intentional simplicity, process transparency and carefully selected criteria through a technical approach typical of the certification body. This effective way ensures that certified restaurants offer their customers an authentic and complete Italian experience, ranging from products to the menu, from service to the enhancement of the territory.

All Italian restaurants around the world have the opportunity to apply for certification and make a difference in the global Italian restaurant scene, distinguishing themselves with the prestigious ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification mark.

* Data from an analysis conducted by Coldiretti, released at the organization’s assembly held in Rome